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7201 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18195-1501 US

Phone: 800-654-4567
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Fax: 800-272-4449

A Special Message from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Delivering value through reliable industrial gas supply and advanced technologies

A global fortune 500 company with a focus on reliable and safe industrial gas supply (such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon) and advanced gas technologies, Air Products offers many ways to help you maximize production rates, minimize costs, as well as improve product quality, safety and efficiency.

Our industry specialists can work with you to analyze and understand your entire process and recommend industrial gas-based technologies and solutions to help improve efficiency for applications including:

  • Size reduction

  • Process cooling

  • Inerting/Blanketing including

    • Combustible dust safe handling

    • Pneumatic conveying

  • Gas assist molding

Every day, Air Products helps our customers innovate new ways around process roadblocks. Contact us to find out what industrial gases could do for you.

Product Categories of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

  • Cold-storage Chambers
  • Custom Size-reduction (Grinding) Services
  • Gas & Water Injection Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Purging Compounds
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Trimmers, Deflashers for Blow Molding
  • Water Treatment/Filtration Systems

Trade Names of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

  • PolarFit

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