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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Lanxess Acquisition of Chemtura, a Done Deal
The Chemtura/Great Lakes flame retardants business segment significantly strengthens the company’s competitive position.

Emerging Application for Tepex: Door Module Carrier
Lanxess contracts with German Tier I for use of the composite in large series automotive production.

Lanxess to Acquire Chemtura
Chemtura shareholders approve acquisition which will will make Lanxess one of the major players in additives for a broad range of industries.

New Resins & Additives Galore at K 2016
A wide range of interesting developments in materials technologies were sprinkled in with some intriguing announcements of new ventures at K 2016.

MATERIALS:PBT for Laser Welding of Engine Housing Components
Lanxess'new laser-transparnet PBT compounds are ideal for parts exposed to high heat and humidity.

Kurz, Engel and Lanxess Team for Decorated, Overmolded Continuous Fiber Sheet
A process to decorate a hybrid composite/thermoplastic part with a decorative film in one mold was among several new decorating technologies exhibited at K 2016 by The Kurz Group.

K 2016 Preview: Materials & Additives
Driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability.

Engel Previews K 2016 Introductions
Advances in mold cooling, machine condition monitoring, and in-mold decorating will be key exhibits in Dusseldorf.

New Group Gets Continuous-Fiber-Reinforced Composites Ready for the Road
New team to support partners though all stages of Tepex component development.

New Materials Shine Bright In Growing LED Market
Rapid expansion of LED technology has spurred development of new formulations for a wide range of lighting components. Here are examples of activity in this fast-moving field.

First Hybrid-Molded Rear Bumper Beam on Honda FCV
Lanxess' thermoplastic composites and nylon 6 allow for one-shot molding of lightweight bumper beam.

Modular Flange for Interior Auto Fan Modules Made of New Thermally-Conductive Nylon
Lanxess recently unveiled the first application of its new thermally-conductive, mineral-filled nylon 6.

Two Interesting Body Exterior Finalists of SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Exterior applications meriting mention from the 2015 SPE Auto Innovation Awards include entrants from Ford and GM.

Lanxess Completes Nylon & PBT Compounding Expansion
A second production line at Lanxess' North Carolina site doubles production capacity.

MATERIALS: High-Heat Stabilized Nylons for Electronics & Automotive
Lanxess has developed a new metal-free heat stabilizing system for its Durethan nylons.

MATERIALS: Halogen-Free FR Nylon 6 for Electrical Switches
Lanxess' halogen-free FR, glass-reinforced nylon 6 has high mechanical strength and thermal stability for use in a broad range of circuit breakers.

Rhein Chemie Now Merged Into Lanxess
Rhein Chemie Additives now a business unit of Lanxess.

More News in TP Composites
Materials supplier installs automated composite molding cell, and custom molder opens advanced composites center.

Wittmann Battenfeld Unveils Composite Molding System
Another injection-machine builder enters the competition in organosheet overmolding.

MATERIALS: Continuous-Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheets
Flame-retardant PC composite sheets for consumer electronics.

Product Categories of LANXESS Corporation

Color Concentrates, Liquid or Paste
Color Dyes, Pigments
Cooling-water Treatment Chemicals
Crosslinking Agents for Thermoplastics
Epoxy Hardeners
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Fillers--Mineral or Other Inorganic Type
Flame Retardant Concentrates
Flame Retardants/Smoke Suppressants
Impact Modifiers
Nylon/Abs Alloys
Nylons - Other
Nylon--Type 6
Nylon--Type 66
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PBT Type
Processing Aids--Mineral/Inorganic Type
Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA)
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Polyamide Type
Urethane Catalysts
Urethane Crosslinkers, Chain Extenders
UV Stabilizers

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