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Phone: 989-435-7741
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Product Categories of Brown Machine LLC

  • Lip Rollers
  • Machinery Rebuilding
  • Thermoformers more (+)
  • Thermoforming Molds

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  • Mergers in Extrusion, Thermoforming

    Brown Machine, Lyle Industries team up. Also NDC and Beta LaserMike.

  • Thermoforming News at K 2013

    New machinery and tooling developments for thermoformers debut at K.

  • There’s No Lid on This Processor’s Creativity

    For this lid maker, the keys to success are speed, flexibility and ingenuity.

  • Designing a Thermoforming Plant For Efficiency and Productivity

    Building a new plant in 2003 gave Lyle Schut a clean slate.

  • Thermoforming at NPE: Machines Raise Performance Bar

    Exhibitors at this year’s show introduced an assortment of new machines and upgraded models with designs incorporating the latest in mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic technologies.

  • ‘Back to Basics’ Fuels More Innovation at Thin-Gauge Former

    Shift from private to capital ownership give Tray-Pak a boost.

  • Thermoforming at NPE 2003

    There will be fewer thermoforming machines on display at NPE 2003 than at many recent NPEs.

  • On-Site: Green Business Is Good Business for Fabri-Kal

    "We tend to jump on things early," says John Kittredge. "F-K has been a pioneer in a number of things. Our earliest example was converting HDPE margarine tubs to ABS. After that we were a leader in thermoforming polypropylene, and then APET." Now it's PLA biopolymer.

  • NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Thermoforming

    NPE had its share of innovations in thermoforming, notably a new machine that opens the small-bottle market to thermoformers. New trim stations offer more in the way of output and versatility. And more machines are now outfitted with off-the-shelf controls to facilitate servicing. A line of formers from Australia also arrived in the U.S. (Note: additional NPE thermoforming news appeared in May and June—see Learn More box.)

  • NPE News in Thermoforming

    For thermoforming of both heavy-gauge sheet and thin-gauge packaging, the show will present new machines with unusual flexibility, able to form a wide variety of products and materials.

  • New Machines and Materials Unveiled At SPE Thermoforming Conference

    A new continuous roll-fed machine for high-precision forming and a flexible pressure former for prototyping were among the highlights of the recent 18th Annual SPE Thermoforming Conference in Minneapolis.

  • EPCO Joins with Brown Machine

    EPCO Machinery LLC, a remanufacturer of injection and blow molding machinery, has moved from its former Freemont, Ohio, plant to the Brown Machine facility in Beaverton, Mich.

  • Automated Lid System Is an Industry First

    Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton,, Mich., and automation specialist DJS Systems Inc., Homer, Mich., have teamed up to offer a novel lid production system that incorporates a servo-actuated trim press and a three-tier lid automation and packaging system.

  • New Tag Slot Design For Containers

    An innovative design provides up to four tag slots within the rim of horticulture containers without the use of fragile, high-cost pre-punches and dies or time-consuming and costly secondary operations.

  • Long-Stroke Presses For Deep-Draw Parts

    New long-stroke horizontal trim presses from Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton, Mich., are designed with extra stroke length to pre-punch and trim deep-draw containers in a progressive-trim application.

  • Corner-Guided Former Boasts Higher Precision

    A new corner-guided forming station is available for CS and SRS continuous thermoformers from Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton, Mich.

  • Servo-Driven Trim Press Improves Part Handling

    A servo-driven horizontal trim press that reportedly increases flexibility in part handling and permits fully automated packaging was introduced at the recent NPE show by Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton, Mich.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Thermoforming

    Several new processing technologies unveiled at NPE point to thermoforming’s growing capability to produce in-mold labeled and decorated plastic parts.

  • Bigger, Faster Machines at Thermoforming Conference

    The industry’s first quick-release mold-clamping system for cut-sheet machines made its debut this fall at the SPE’s 15th annual Thermoforming Conference in Milwaukee.

  • Headlines for the Next 50 Years

    Ever wonder what it would be like to get tomorrow’s newspaper today? After reviewing the most important technical developments of the past 50 years in our October issue, we asked industry experts to help us imagine the biggest headlines in plastics from now to 2055. What we got was a mixture of predictions of what will happen and a wish list of what should happen.

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