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Please visit: Bruckner Inc.

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200 International Dr. Ste. 105
Portsmouth, NH 03801 US

Phone: 603-766-7577
Fax: 603-766-7580

Product Categories of Bruckner Inc.

  • Automation/Systems Integration
  • Film Take-off Systems more (+)
  • Multiple-screw Extruders more (+)
  • R&D, Training Institutes

As seen in PT

  • K 2013 Preview: Extrusion, Compounding, Recycling

    Across all extrusion technologies, expect to see new standards in speed, quality, flexibility, and efficiency in both energy and material usage.

  • What's New at the Show in EXTRUSION

    It’s all about higher speeds and higher outputs at this year’s “K” show in Germany.

  • Bruckner Buys Kiefel

    A merger in Germany creates a new force in plastics machinery.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Extrusion

    The new factor in extrusion machinery at this NPE is the influx of Asian suppliers.

  • NPE 2006 News Flash

    Injection MoldingSimplified Hot Runners Save Time & CostA new lower-cost hot-runner alternative to valve gating is suited to less critical cosmetic applications where users need predictable and reliable gate opening but not sequential gate operation.

  • Shorter PP Casting Unit

    A new feeding mechanism keeps operators away from pull rolls on thread-up and makes a safer, more compact film casting machine.

  • MDO Films: Lots of Promise, Big Challenges

    Machine-direction orientation is still discovering new market opportunities. But the technical difficulties are so great that some big projects never came of age. New equipment could make it easier.

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