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Shini USA

Shini USA Portable Air Cooled Chillers

Shini USA Portable Air Cooled Chillers

Portable Chillers - Air Cooled


The Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries Portable Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers are found in many different industries such as plastics, rubber, web, die-casting, chemical and food industries.

These newly designed portable air cooled chillers with a 45 - 95°F cooling range feature environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. Designed with a vertical air discharge design that enhances comfort in your plant by carrying heat up and away from your process and your operators, the chillers have a +/-1°F accuracy. Other standard features of the portable air-cooled chiller include:

  • Finger Safe Electrical Components
  • Fill Diagnostics Panel
  • Non-Ferrous Construction
  • Fully Insulated Reservoir
  • Brazed Plate Exchanger
  • 10´ Power Cord
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Hot Gas By-Pass Valve

Low Speed Granulators - Staggered Blade or Standard Rotor

Low Speed Granulators - Staggered Blade or Standard Rotor



 Low Speed Solid Rotor Staggered Blade Granulators are available in 460 or 230 volt. The D2 Steel Cassette Knives ensure well proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust. The Cassette Knives are easily and economically replaced eliminating the high cost of resharpening and resetting knives.

Low Speed Open Rotor /Scissor Cut Granulators are soundproof and energy efficient. The Low RPM Motor Industrial Granulators offer a tilt back hopper and clamshell cutting chamber for easy cleaning, regrind bin with vacuum take-off probe and are available in 3 - 7 hp models with thru-puts of 140-210 lbs/hr.

The Staggered Blade Beside the Press Granulators are available in 460 or 230 volt  with 10 - 18 hp and thru-puts of 400-415 lbs/hr.  All parts on the Beside the Press Granulators are accessible for easy cleaning and maintenance. The machines are operator friendly and safe to operate ensuring excellent performance.

The Central Solid Rotor Staggered Knife Granulators use a unique blade cutting design ensuring well proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust.  The Central Solid Rotor Granulators are available at a 25 hp with a 920 lbs/hr thru-put or a 30 hp and a 1284 lbs/hr thru-put. Both models are also available at 460 or 230 volt.

The Central Open Rotor/Scissor Cut Granulators are available at a in various models starting at a 25 hp with a 920 lbs/hr thru-put to an 85 hp and a 4500 lbs/hr thru-put. All models are also available at 460 or 230 volt.



 Desiccant & Hot Air Dryers from Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries

Desiccant & Hot Air Dryers from Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries

Dryers - Desiccant & Hot Air


The  Silica Gel Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Cabinet Dryers feature the latest in rotary wheel drying technology which allows dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur at the same time while delivering a dew point of -40°F.  Models available from 30  - 550 lbs/hr. The compact design offers an energy savings up to 35% - all in a reduced foot print. Utilization of a Timing Belt Drive eliminates the slippage problems of traditional belts and broken drive teeth often found with chain drive designs.

The  Portable Desiccant Wheel Dryer SDD series available in models from 30 - 200 lbs/hr features a silica gel honeycomb desiccant wheel dryer with a dual wall stainless steel insulated drying hopper mounted on a portable cart. The Silica Gel Honeycomb Desiccant Rotor can attain a temperature of 320°F and has an unlimited service life

The Shini USA Hot Air Hopper Dryer may be directly mounted on to the molding machine for quick drying and space saving. The Shini USA SHD Hot Air Hopper Dryer continuously disperses hot air evenly throughout the hopper.


Company Profile

Budzar Industries and Shini USA, Corporate Headquarters

As a global manufacturing leader Shini USA, a division of Budzar Industries offers plastic processors a range of heating and cooling systems designed to control process temperature and plastics granulators for in-house recycling of plastic waste.

The Shini USA machinery is utilized in the injection molding, blow molding, die casting, printing, rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage (wine and dairy) industries. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with every unit to every customer.

We have an uncompromising commitment to making sure every unit operates exactly as promised and performs without any difficulties. Though our products and customer service are the best in the business we never stop seeking ways to improve.


Product Categories of Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries

  • Blenders (non-intensive)
  • Chillers more (+)
  • Closed-loop Process Control Systems
  • Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
  • Cooling Towers more (+)
  • Dryers for Resins
  • Feeders
  • Granulators more (+)
  • Hopper Loaders
  • Hot-water or Oil-circulating Temperature Controllers more (+)
  • Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
  • Shredders, Guillotines more (+)

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  • Low-Speed Granulators From Taiwan

    Shini USA, a new division of Budzar Industries, Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, is introducing to the U.S. low-speed granulators from Shini Plastics Technologies, Inc. in Taiwan.

  • Temperature Control Modules

    The Shini USA Industrial Temperature Control Modules, utilized primarily for injection Molding, Extrusion, Die-Casting among others are off the shelf, built for top performance and are ideally suited for all plant environments and industrial processes.

  • Portable Hot Oil Units - Maxium Temperature of 400F

    The Shini USA Hot Oil Unit features an Omron temperature controller to monitor the process temperatuire throughout the heating/cooling process.

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