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Cost Effective Molding Solutions: FEA, Moldflow, Moldcool, Warp, Mold-Vac & Moldcool Estimator.

At CAE Services, we offer plastic engineering services and the expertise to eliminate molding uncertainty, costly trial & error methods and excessive mold samplings. From FEA analysis to Moldflow, Cool, and Warpage analysis we can determine potential part failure, evaluate gate size & location(s), optimize cooling designs and determine reasons for part warpage. Problems with part burns, Gas entrapment? Our unique Mold-Vac system is designed to eliminate molding problems caused by gas and air entrapment. Need to know cycle times? Our Moldcool estimator is an invaluable software program for accurately estimating cycle times. Since 1981, CAE Services has been serving various markets including: Automotive, Appliance, Electronics, Medical, and Packaging. Have an application? Contact Us @ 630-761-9898 or via e-mail, Structural Analysis Moldflow Cool Warpage Injection Compression 3D Analysis Mold-Vac Moldcool Estimator

Product Categories of CAE Services Corporation

  • Consultants--Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing
  • Job Quoting, Cost Estimating and Accounting Systems
  • Mold Evacuation Systems
  • Mold/Tool Design and Analysis Services
  • Product & Tool Design, Analysis Software (CAD/CAM/CAE)
  • Vacuum Pumps

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  • Mold Simulation: Get Best Results With Good Materials Data

    Want the best results from your flow analysis software? Of course you do. But you stand a better chance for success if you pay particular attention to the material data used by the software.

  • Tier 1 Automotive Molder Uses Team Approach to Mold Simulation

    SRG Global calls in outside assistance to solve a tricky technical problem.

  • Flow Analysis FAQ

    Definition Flow analysis provides the ability to accurately simulate the filling phase of the injection molding process.

  • INJECTION MOLDING: Higher Performance Mold Evacuation

    CAE Services Corp., Batavia, Ill., has introduced Mold-Vac 20,000, the highest performance model in its line of mold-evacuation systems for injection molding.

  • CAE Services helps molder Solve problems with moldflow software

    CAE Services Corporation, a Moldflow consulting engineering firm, recently conducted several Moldflow analyses on a custom grille part.

  • Co-Injection Analysis FAQ

    DefinitionCo-injection analysis is an ideal molding process for using recycled materials or achieving specialized cosmetic and structural objectives.

  • Cooling Analysis FAQ

    DefinitionMoldCool provides the ability to accurately simulate any number of cooling designs in order to optimize part quality and productivity.

  • Injection-Compression Analysis FAQ

    DefinitionInjection-Compression analysis simulates all major process control schemes for a total evaluation of candidate materials, part design, mold design, and process conditions.

  • Flow Analysis

    Flow Front Temperature - The mid-stream temperature when the flow front reaches each point.

  • Cooling Analysis

    Average Part Temperature - The average plastic temperature across the whole element thickness, calculated at the end of cooling time.

  • Packing Analysis

    Clamp Tonnage - The resultant value of the pressure distribution over the entire part.

  • Warpage Analysis FAQ

    Definition:Warpage analysis provides the capability to determine the effects of part design, material selection, mold design, and processing on the warpage of a molded part.

  • Warpage Analysis

    Deflection Results (X, Y, Z, Total) - The deflections of the part relative to the reference plane defined when specifying the boundary conditions for the warpage analysisReference Plane – Defined by three constraint points, this is a plane relative to which the warpage deflections are measured.Material Orientation – The material orientation direction for each element.

  • Vacuum Venting Keeps Molds Running Longer

    In tough economic times, facing hungry competition here and abroad, molders cannot afford to ignore preventable problems that slow cycles, cost machine downtime and mold maintenance, and waste material on reject parts.

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