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  • Composites Embrace Mass Production

    The focus this year at the international JEC Composites Show in Paris was not so much on brand-new processes as on adapting existing processes and materials for mass production, especially of large parts with critical structural demands. Attracting the most attention was wind energy, where composite material usage is growing more than 17%/yr, according to Gurit (formerly SP Systems), a Swiss-based global prepreg supplier with U.S. operations.

  • PUR Machinery Gains in Versatility and Economy

    Polyurethane equipment at K 2007 in Dusseldorf showed incremental advances in cost-effectiveness and ability to handle a wide range of applications.

  • 'Jet-less' High-Pressure Mixhead Reduces Cost and Complexity

    A radically new design for high-pressure polyurethane mixing heads is said to apply a more efficient mixing concept that requires lower pressures and thereby simplifies system design. It eliminates the usual internal jets, thereby reducing the level of operator skill needed for flow adjustments and permitting a wider range of flow rates.

  • Cannon and Edge-Sweets Form Joint Distribution

    A reciprocal distribution agreement for polyurethane equipment in the U.S. and Canada was recently announced by Cannon USA, Cranberry Township, Pa., and Edge-Sweets Co. (ESCO), Louisville, Ky.

  • K 2007 Thermoforming: Packaging Lines Grow Bigger and Faster

    There was plenty of news in thermoforming at K 2007 as suppliers rolled out continuous roll-fed packaging systems with greater output, enhanced cooling, reduced air consumption, and more automation.

  • What's New at the Show in PUR/RIM

    At this year’s K show, look for the launch of fiberglass/polyurethane pultrusion into window frames, as well as several new high-efficiency mixing heads, MDI prepolymers for cast elastomers, and an energy-absorbing PUR foam for car bumpers. PUR pultruded windowsBayer MaterialScience will showcase polyurethane pultrusion technology, which recently has penetrated new applications.

  • What's New at the Show in THERMOFORMING

    Continuous in-line packaging systems will be the main emphasis in thermoforming at K 2007.

  • Polyurethanes: Fine-Tuning Insulation Foams

    Thermal insulation has become ‘eco-friendly,’ but now the challenge is to optimize economics, processing, and performance.

  • Polyurethane Composites: New Alternative to Polyester and Vinyl Ester

    High toughness, fast cure, and no styrene fumes are taking urethane composites beyond SRIM into pultrusion, filament winding, vacuum infusion, and spray-up.

  • Polyurethanes: Fine-Tuning 'Green' Foams

    With the switch to ‘cleaner’ blowing agents nearly complete, the priority now is tweaking foam formulations for optimal performance and cost.

  • K 2004 Wrap-Up on Polyurethanes: New Approaches to RIM, Foams & Composites

    Whether it was molding thermoplastic and polyurethane foam into one part in one machine, continuously foaming insulation between a metal pipe and thermoplastic skin, or pouring rigid foam behind a thermoplastic skin to replace steel refrigerator doors, there were plenty of novelties in PUR machinery and material among the exhibits at the K 2004 show in Dusseldorf last October.

  • K 2004 Wrap-Up on Thermoforming: Twin Sheets and High-Speed Packaging Share Center Stage

    Innovations in thermoforming at K 2004 included new twin-sheet technology for automotive fuel tanks, a highly flexible and modular "plug-and-play" industrial vacuum former, and a range of high-speed units for cups and packaging.

  • K 2004 Wrap-Up on Injection Molding: Spotlight on Electric And Multi-Component Machines

    Molders were treated to a trove of injection machinery introductions geared toward applications from micro-molding to packaging to large parts.

  • Polyurethanes: Foams Go 'Green' at Ever-Lower Cost

    A great deal of effort is going into formulating rigid and flexible foams for lower cost and better properties, despite the transition to "cleaner" blowing agents. Improving fire and smoke performance is another challenge.

  • K 2004 News Preview: Thermoforming

    Thermoforming innovations at K 2004 include several new trim-in-place units for packaging, the first in-line packaging system with an infrared scanner that automatically adjusts oven temperatures. and improved halogen heating that works better with preprinted sheet.High-speed packagingIllig of Germany will introduce the RDK 80, a high-speed automatic trim-in-place pressure former whose advanced servomotor control is said to allow very precise setting of variable platen strokes and speeds.

  • K 2004 News Preview: RIM/Urethanes

     New equipment at the K show will include several mixing heads for flexible foams and RIM, mixing/metering machines, a gas loading device for rigid integral-skin foaming, and a low-pressure potting unit for electrical components.New PUR materials include a new insulating foams for oil and gas pipelines, thermal encapsulation of car engines, and a steel/PUR composite for maritime and civil-engineering structures. New mixheads galoreKrauss-Maffei is unveiling new mixing heads for various PUR applications.

  • Polyurethanes: Regulatory Cost Pressures Spur Foam Formulators

    Polyurethane formulators are speeding up efforts to reduce costs of foam formulations that meet environmental or flammability standards.

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