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Products for Injection Molding

Heavy-Duty Latch Toggle Clamps

Heavy-Duty Latch Toggle Clamps

Injection Mold Latch Clamps

Carr Lane's new vertical latch-action clamps, CL-400-PA and CL-500-PA, are made to resist the high expansion forces of polyurethane molds, with clamping forces of 4000 lbs and 7500 lbs. The base and optional latch plate are made of rugged alloy steel, and the clamps are also available in stainless and zinc coatings for extended wear in corrosive environments. These latch clamps offer quick, economical clamping, with a threaded U bolt for adjustability. See the online catalog at and search by the part numbers.

Hoist Rings

Hoist Rings

Hoist Rings for Injection Molding

Carr Lane's newly expanded line of hoist rings includes over 20 different types, all in a wide range of sizes. Pivoting hoist rings, swivel hoist rings, side-pull swivel hoist rings and lifting eyes are some of the types now carried by Carr Lane, ranging from economical, low profile versions to heavy-duty, extra-large types with load capacities up to 250,000 lbs.

Company Profile

CL-400-PA and CL-500-PA toggle clamps for injection molding, and an assortment of hoist rings.

Carr Lane offers toggle clamps, hoist rings, and other products for mold changing. Our complete product line also includes tooling components for jigs and fixtures, specialty clamps, modular fixturing, drill jig bushings, and power workholding. Products also include handles and knobs, ball plungers, spring plungers, screw clamps, supports, rests, machine leveling feet, locators, clamp straps, fasteners, plug gages, threaded inserts, fixture bases and hydraulic clamps. Visit our online catalog at for price and availability, product information, and online ordering.

Product Categories of Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

  • Clamps, Holding Devices
  • Fasteners
  • Fixtures
  • Product & Tool Design, Analysis Software (CAD/CAM/CAE)

Trade Names of Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

  • Carr Lock, CL5, Carr Lane

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