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New Resins & Additives Galore at K 2016
A wide range of interesting developments in materials technologies were sprinkled in with some intriguing announcements of new ventures at K 2016.

K Reporter’s Notebook, Materials: New PPAs; Styrenic-Based Thermoplastic Composites; and Additive Introductions
BASF and DSM have introduced all new PPAs targeting automotive applications, while a modified SAN from INEOS is thought to be the first styrenic-based thermoplastic composite and Vertellus and Addivant introduce antioxidants and chain extenders, respectively.   BASF and DSM launch new PPAs for automotive applications.

K 2016 Preview: Materials & Additives
Driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability.

A Pre-K2016 Experience in Belgium
EMG did a terrific job in bringing together some 25 trade press members to hear preliminary news from some key players in plastic materials and additives.

MATERIALS: DSM’s Biobased Polymer Portfolio Expands with Nylon 4T Grades
Aimed at thinner and more sustainable electronic devices, the new grades boast an improved processing window.

Carbodeon Granted U.S. Patent for Nanodiamond-Containing Plastics
With thermally conductive plastics rapidly growing in demand, the addition of nanodiamonds to the arsenal of thermally-conductive fillers is only welcome.

DSM Opens West Coast Office
To support the consumer electronics business, DSM Engineering Plastics expands U.S. footprint.

Will Rise of Benzene Prices Impact Those of Nylons, ABS & PC as They Have PS?
Rising benzene prices have already impacted prices of PS and nylon 6 appears to be next.

Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost
There was no shortage of new thermoplastics and additives covering the full range of end-use applications.

DSM & Ascend In Global Strategic Nylon 66 Supply Alliance
Full portfolio of nylon 66 compounds now globally available through supply alliance.

Engineering Thermoplastics Are Going ‘Green’
As high-performance materials follow the path taken by some commodity resins, farming could replace drilling as suppliers rely more on plants than oil or gas for feedstocks.

Price Hikes On Nylon 66 and 6 Underway?
While price increases for nylon 66 are attributed to supply contraints, those for nylon 6 are linked to upward raw material costs.

MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES AT NPE: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, and Sustainability
Lots of news in engineering thermoplastic compounds, TPEs, and purging agents, plus a wide range of colorants and additives.

Numerous ‘Firsts’ Among Winners of 2014 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards
The 44th annual awards competition broke new ground in almost all award categories

DSM to Build New High-Viscosity Nylon 6 Plant
DSM's first North American high-viscosity nylon 6 plant to planned for start-up in mid-2016.

MATERIALS: Next-Generation High-Temperature Nylons 46, 6/66
New Diablo high temperature resistant nylons from DSM unveiled.

MATERIALS: High-Heat & Thermally Conductive Nylon
Aimed at automotive underhood components.

Prices Firmer for PE, PP, Looser for PS, PVC
PE and PP are expected to hold firm or head upwards, but it’s a mixed bag for PS and PVC prices.

APPLICATION: Biobased Nylon Chosen For Ferrari and Maserati Fuel Vapor Separators
A halogen-free FR biobased nylon 410 grade from DSM "stars" in high-end sports cars.

APPLICATION: Hybrid Electric Engine Covers Feature Very High-Flow Nylon 6
Up to 80% improved flow and cycle-time reductions from 15% to 40% is claimed.

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