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Product Categories of E-BEAM Services, Inc.

  • Crosslinking Agents for Thermoplastics
  • Crosslinking Agents--Radiation Sensitizers
  • Electron-beam Processing Equipment
  • Radiation Processing Services

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  • Radiation Crosslinking Boosts Nylon Properties

    Demand for more robust plastics is creating new opportunities for radiation-crosslinked nylons, including nylon 6 and 66, which can serve as cost-effective alternatives to higher-cost, high-heat thermoplastics. Crosslinked nylons have higher heat resistance than their standard counterparts, along with better physical properties and abrasion resistance. Adapted from a paper presented at SPE ANTEC 2012.

  • MATERIALS: Irradiated LLDPE Processes Like LDPE

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Supply of conventional LDPE is very tight, and LLDPE does not have the melt strength some processors need for foams, blown film, extrusion coating, and thermoforming.

  • New Irradiated Polyethylenes Boost Processing and Performance

    For decades, makers of polyethylene wire and cable, shrink tubing, hot and cold water piping, sheet, and foam have used radiation crosslinking to enhance the thermal and mechanical properties of their products.

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