Enercon Industries Corp.

Contact Information

Please visit: Enercon Industries Corp.

Mailing Address:
W140 N9572 Fountain Blvd
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 US

Phone: 262-255-6070
Fax: 262-255-7784

Product Categories of Enercon Industries Corp.

  • Adhesion Promoters (for Inks, Coatings)
  • Corona Treaters
  • Electromagnetic Induction Bonding more (+)
  • Flame Treaters
  • Materials Testing Services
  • Plasma Treaters

As seen in PT

  • Auxiliaries at NPE: News in Materials Handling, Cooling, Granulating, Welding, Testing, Decorating

    Auxiliary equipment takes in a broad range of functions, from materials preparation to post-mold finishing.

  • AUXILIARIES: Hand-Held Plasma Treater

    A new universal atmospheric plasma treater from Enercon Industries, Menomonee Falls, Wis., enables hand-held surface treatment of a wide variety of materials and applications.

  • Plasma Unit for Hard-to-Treat Extruded Profiles

    A variable-chemistry atmospheric plasma treater is designed for hard-to-treat surfaces and especially extruded profiles such as wire, cable, tubing, sheet, and boards.

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE A variable-chemistry atmospheric plasma treater is designed for difficult-to-treat surfaces and specifically 3D extruded profiles such as wire, cable, tubing, sheet, and boards.

  • Surface Treat Parts with Atmospheric Plasma + CO2

    A new surface treater combines atmospheric plasma and CO2 cleaning to improve adhesion to plastics.

  • A new plasma treating system has two treater heads that reportedly add fl exibility while costing one-third less than two separate treaters.

  • Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, Wis., introduced the tangential plasma treater a year ago and has two dozen installed.

  • NPE Newsfinder: Extrusion

    NPE will show higher outputs of practically everything, as advances in grooved feeds, servo drives, screw torque, mixing screws, dies, and downstream cooling, cutting, and handling make everything run faster.

  • NPE News Wrap-Up: Decorating & Painting

    The Chicago show presented a whole new way to decorate. There were also plenty of improvements in ink-jet and pad printing, hot stamping, laser marking, and surface treating.

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