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A Special Message from ENTEK Extruders

ENTEK Extrusion Solutions

Wood-Plastic Composites

Wood-Plastic Composites

Customer: Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Corporation, Nashville, TN Product: Wood-Plastic Composite Decking Benefit: ENTEK Provides Turnkey Plants and Complete Extrusion Systems; E-MAX 103mm Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders Provide Industry's Highest Outputs

Color Compounding

Color Compounding

Customer: PolyOne Corporation Product: Color Concentrates Benefit: ENTEK E-MAX 40mm twin-screw extruder allows efficient production of small to medium-sized lots (500 to 3,000 lbs); swing-out die design saves time, allows for fast screw cleaning and extraction.

Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Customer: Alcan Packaging Thermaplate, Russelville, AR Product: Dual Ovenable Trays Benefit: ENTEK E-MAX 103mm twin-screw extruders with feeders, melt pumps, dies and controls operate dependably at high operating temperatures; ENTEK control systems utilized on both ENTEK and other brand extruders at plant.

Company Profile

ENTEK headquarters, Lebanon, Oregon USA

ENTEK is a customer-focused manufacturer of twin-screw extruders and controls, complete extrusion systems, turnkey manufacturing plants, and replacement parts. ENTEK Extruders are produced by ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc. Headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon, USA, ENTEK is a leader in the extrusion of natural fiber-plastic composites (wood decking), pelletizing, custom compounding (mixing of colorants, fillers, etc), specialty sheet lines, and other markets including food and medical applications. In addition to producing state-of-the-art twin screw extruders, ENTEK’s highly-trained engineering department helps companies optimize production, and ENTEK’s turnkey expertise helps customers establish complete plant-wide operations, often from the ground up. ENTEK began operations in the 1980’s as a producer of highly filled specialized plastic sheet for the maintenance-free automotive battery market. At that time the company was purchasing commercially available twin-screw extruders to support its core business, but quickly determined that it needed to develop its own extrusion solutions to support production of this difficult to process material. ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc. was established initially as a sister company to ENTEK International, to provide machinery and all turnkey engineering support. Building off this success with its sister company, ENTEK has grown to become one of the industry’s leading providers of twin screw extrusion solutions. The company provides complete, turnkey engineering support that enables customers to develop and operate highly productive, efficient processing plants for a wide variety of materials. ENTEK Extruders feature high throughput and wear resistant components that can successfully process highly abrasive materials with minimal downtime. Today, ENTEK is committed to continuing its dynamic growth by helping customers meet or exceed their business objectives, worldwide.

Product Categories of ENTEK Extruders

  • Cylinders (plasticating) and Liners
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Multiple-screw Extruders more (+)
  • Plastic Lumber Extrusion/Molding Systems
  • Screws (Plasticating)

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  • 2013 was a good year for North American equipment suppliers; can '14 overcome a slow start?

    The North American plastics equipment market saved its best for last in 2013, delivering shipments valued at $335.1 million in the fourth quarter—the best three-month stretch of the year and up 3% from the previous quarter. Will that momentum hold in 2014, however?

  • EXTRUSION: Another Way to Extrude PET Without Drying

    A planetary-roller section allows efficient degassing.

  • Now You Can Refurbish Twin-Screw Elements

    Two suppliers of twin-screw compounding extruders announced at NPE2012 that they are now offering screw-element refurbishing services.

  • Wood-Plastics Composites Done Right

    Mixing and extruding wood fiber in a plastic matrix is technically demanding. It requires careful attention to formulation, drying, and extrusion temperatures

  • Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: More Output, More Flexibility, Less Energy

    There won't be many blown-film lines running, but there is still much in the way of innovation going on in extrusion and compounding.

  • NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Extrusion and Compounding

    Extrusion machinery at the June NPE show in Chicago showed inventive ways to get more out of your floorspace and materials.

  • Plastic and Cow Manure Make Boards for Farm Use

    After more than six years of R&D, the USDA Forest Products Laboratory and the Univ. of Wisconsin, both in Madison, have developed a composite for high-strength profiles made of 50/50 and 40/60 blends of cow manure and HDPE or PP.

  • NPE News in Compounding

    Compounding news at the show includes several new ways to feed low-bulk-density materials faster for higher outputs with corotating twin screws.

  • ENTEK has developed a new manufacturing process for producing carbide-lined extrusion barrels.

  • The new ENTEK E-MAX 40mm twin-screw extruder, introduced at NPE 2006, is ideal for custom compounding applications.

  • Entek Extruders, Lebanon, Ore., got its start in building twin-screw extruders for its own processing of highly filled compounds for battery separators (50% silica, 14% oil, 20% UHMW-PE, and the rest additives and colorant). Now it is applying that experience to twin-screw design for processing high filler loadings in wood-plastic composites (WPCs). The firm recently demonstrated new screw and processing technology with two vacuum vents for 25% higher output of WPCs.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Compounding and Mixing

    Throughput capacities are going up for compounding equipment of all types.

  • Thicker carbide cladding for twin-screw barrel sections uses spherical carbide particles in a nickel alloy, while such cladding typically uses less-expensive angular carbide particles.

  • A new line of "Smart Controls" for extrusion compounding will be shown at NPE on a new size of co-rotating twin-screw extruder from Entek Manufacturing Inc. in Lebanon, Ore.

  • Entek Manufacturing, Inc., Lebanon, Ore., is now producing screws and barrels not only for its own brand of corotating twin-screw extruders but also as replacement parts for other corotating and counter-rotating brands.

  • NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: Compounding

    Compounding news at NPE included a wealth of new batch and continuous machines to mix in high loadings of wood flour, glass fiber, carbon black, and more exotic fillers.

  • NPE Newsfinder: Compounding and Mixing

    For the second straight NPE show, the focus in compounding is on twin-screw machines that deliver more speed and torque—thus more output—than ever before. No fewer than six suppliers of twin-screw compounders are showing such machines. There’s something to see in in-line systems as well. And there’s plenty of news in PVC mixers and pelletizing equipment, too.

  • NPE News Wrap-Up: Extrusion

    Gearless extrusion, cryogenic profile calibration, wireless data communications, and automatic start-up of blown film lines are just a few of the new ways to raise efficiency and output that were highlighted at NPE.

  • NPE Highlights Compounding's Growth Niches

    Show exhibitors say long-fiber wood composites, direct extrusion/compounding, and reactive compounding are where the action is.

  • Torque & Speed How Much Is Enough?

    You may be thinking of buying one of the new ‘high-torque/high-speed’ twin-screw compounders in order to raise your output without going to a larger machine. But how much torque or speed do you really need? Underusing a high-powered extruder wastes investment dollars. So look carefully at what is required for the materials you run.

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