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31220 Oak Creek Dr.
Wixom, MI 48393 US

Phone: 248-926-4200
Fax: 248-960-1143

Product Categories of Exatec, LLC

  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings
  • Polycarbonate

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  • Auto Glazing: Film, Coinjection & Coating Technologies Advance

    Hard-surfacing options for molded plastic glazing now include plasma instead of wet coatings–and replacing coatings altogether with in-mold film lamination or multi-layer coinjection.

  • Bayer Sells Its Share of Exatec

    Bayer MaterialScience AG in Germany agreed to sell its 50% share in Exatec LLC, Wixom, Mich., to its jointventure partner, GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., just prior to the sale of GE plastics to SABIC of Saudi Arabia.

  • New Materials on a Fast Track for Molded Auto Glazing

    Injection molding of polycarbonate automotive window and roof glazing is an emerging market that offers weight savings up to 50%, greater styling freedom and potential for parts integration (ribs or brackets) that glass cannot match.

  • Auto Glazing: Window of Opportunity for Molders

    This emerging market promises to be big but challenging. Polycarbonate car windows require specialized machinery, high-end processing capability, premium polymers, advanced coating technologies, and innovative mold and runner designs.

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