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  • Coextrusion Dies, Feedblocks
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  • EXTRUSION: Feedblock Tuning Inserts Keep Lines Running

    Get finer tuning of coex film/sheet layer thickness without downtime.

  • EXTRUSION: Feedblock Tuning Insert Lets Processors Keep Running

    They are also said to allow for greater precision in layer-to-layer thickness control.

  • There’s No Lid on This Processor’s Creativity

    For this lid maker, the keys to success are speed, flexibility and ingenuity.

  • Nordson Buys Kreyenborg

    Nordson Corp. continues to add to its portfolio of plastics equipment companies with the purchase of Kreyenborg GmbH, which makes screen changers; and sister company BKG Bruckmann, which makes pelletizers.

  • EXTRUSION: Coating Die Is More Robust & Flexible

    Nordson EDI, Chippewa Falls, Wis., has completely re-engineered its EPC edge-bead-reducing extrusion coating die, yielding a more robust system that is even easier to operate and cuts back substantially on downtime for width changes and cleaning, the company says.As in the past, the newest EPC die includes an external deckle as a secondary seal to prevent leakage and an internal deckle system that sets coat width and seals polymer at the die exit.

  • Nordson: Emerging New Force in Plastics

    In a span of two weeks last month, Nordson Corp. spent $400 million to expand its interests in plastics.

  • Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: Advances Push Efficiency Envelope

    Blown film towers may have been scarce, but there was no shortage of new technology aimed at helping to make extrusion processors more profitable.

  • Changes Aplenty Among Extruder Suppliers

    Last month bought three changes of significance among equipment suppliers of extruded film and sheet.•Gloucester Engineering Co., Gloucester Mass., announced it had acquired Future Design Inc., Mississauga, Ont.

  • 'Dryer-less' PET Sheet System

    Processing Technologies International (PTi), recently took the wraps off its “dryer-less” twin-screw PET sheet extrusion system at its headquarters in Aurora, Ill.

  • 'Beastly' Line Adds Sheet Extrusion Flexibility

    They call it the “The Beast,” a new sheet line installed recently by custom extruder Rowmark in Findlay, Ohio ( It’s nearly as long as the new 175 x 75 ft facility built to house it.

  • Nano Technology Moving Fast Into Blown, Flat Film

    New technology to process nano blown films unveiled by Dow at Antec. Nano cast film, sheet advances too.

  • Cleaning flat dies; injecting hollow parts.

  • K Show Report: Nanos Are The Rage

    Flat film and sheet toolmakers are focusing on technologies for nanolayer systems.

  • A new-generation feedblock for flat-die coextrusion simplifi es fine-tuning of layer thicknesses, reducing downtime.

  • Troubleshooting: Sheet Dies Action Plan for Keeping Your Sheet Dies in Line

    Sheet processors know that the key to productivity is maximum extruder uptime.

  • EXTRUSION & COMPOUNDING: Five-Layer Film Structures Set to Supplant Three Layers?

    In blown film, equipment and material suppliers have come together to push five-layer technology into non-barrier applications previously held by three-layer films.

  • K 2010 Preview, Extrusion More…Layers, Output & Quality

    In most segments of extrusion technology, the word at K 2010 is more.

  • Foam Board Die System Speeds Changeovers

    A new die system for extruded PS foam board from Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI), Chippewa Falls, Wis., is said to dramatically reduce downtime for product changeovers, enhance control over product dimensions, reduce scrap, and eliminate shutdowns for die maintenance.EDI says the new XPS foam board die technology makes it possible to accomplish a product changeover on the fly in only 15 min, vs. the usual 8-10 hr.The added uptime offsets most of the output loss imposed by the switch to HFC blowing agents, EDI says.Key features include a separate, independently adjusted forming box that makes possible product changeovers without stopping the production line; and an adjustable, full-manifold internal deckle that can be used to modify both the width and thickness of the board.Foam board processor DiversiFoam Products reports that by using the new EDI system at its Rockford, Minn., plant, it has virtually eliminated downtime for scheduled thickness setups, making it possible to produce 11% more saleable product.(715) 726-1201 • Extrusion Dies, Inc. 911 Kurth Rd.

  • NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Extrusion and Compounding

    Extrusion machinery at the June NPE show in Chicago showed inventive ways to get more out of your floorspace and materials.

  • NPE News in Extrusion

    This NPE show won’t have a lot of extruders on the floor, either running or static. Instead, look for videos and announcements of new technology. You will also find lots of ingenious peripheral devices to improve output and quality and save resin. Some will do all three, and cost less into the bargain.

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