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Since 1959 Gala Industries has operated with the singular focus of providing the world’s best plastic pelletizing systems. Over the years, the Gala name has become synonymous with centrifugal drying and underwater pelletizing in polymer production. Since 1969, Gala has shipped over 5,700 Pelletizing systems and 8,000 centrifgal pellet dryers. Gala underwater pelletizers are considered absolutely state-of-the-art in cutting technology while simultaneously reducing the number of mechanical parts to a minimum, improving maintenance time and lowering repair costs. But Gala goes far beyond manufacturing the equipment. They have become the global experts in plastic pelletizing processes. Their systems have improved the process for working with some of the more difficult materials such as adhesives and engineered resins and their dedicated micropellet technology research and engineering team have created the ability to produce pellets as small as 400 -500 micron. The Gala team works directly with clients on the specific pellet application to determine the best system components resulting n better operations and more satisfied customers.

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Gala manufactures the world's finest plastic pelletizers and centrifugal dryers. Our strength is in our employees dedication to their customers and their product. Gala specializes in plastic pelletizing processes, leading the industry with their innovation and success.

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  • Dryers for Resins
  • Pelletizers more (+)
  • Scrap-reclaim Systems

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