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  • Show Us Your Worst Hot-Runner Leaks!

    This leak was detected early with automated controls, to be discussed in an upcoming article. Help show what happens if leaks get out of hand.

  • News in Hot Runners & Tooling at K 2013

    Molds that break speed records for specific applications; hot runners for medical, packaging, and automotive parts; temperature and valve-gate controllers; and standardized mold components constitute a large grab-bag of news in the tooling category for injection molding at the Dusseldorf show.

  • TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight

    Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

  • Bonanza of Hot Runners & Controls Introduced at K 2010 Show

    At the world’s largest plastics show in Dusseldorf last fall, hot-runner and controller manufacturers introduced a flood of new developments in speed, size, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Lots of Hot-Runner News

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Several suppliers of hot-runner nozzles and controls have come out with new or enhanced products in the last few months.

  • Hot-Runner Temperature And Valve Gate Control

    A new line of control systems combines hot-runner temperature control and sequential valve-gate control in one enclosure with one interface and setup menu.

  • Portable Injection Units With Hot-Runner Control

    Hot-runner temperature controls from Gammaflux LP, Sterling, Va., are now standard on Universal Multishot System portable auxiliary injection units from MGS Mfg.

  • Hot-Runner Valve Gate Plus Temperature Control

    Sequential valve-gate control and hot-runner temperature control can both be managed within one new system from Gammaflux L.P., Sterling, Va.

  • Hot-Runner Valve-Gate Plus Temperature Control

    WEB EXCLUSIVE Sequential valve-gate control and hot-runner temperature control can both be managed within one new system from Gammaflux L.P., Sterling, Va.

  • Multicavity Filling Control for Hot Runners


  • Gammaflux Teams Up With Synventive

    Gammaflux LP, Sterling, Va., and Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass., have reached a private-label manufacturing agreement whereby Synventive will sell Gammaflux LEC and TTC hot-runner temperature-control systems.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Hot Shots: New Nozzles and Controls Add Sizzle to Runnerless Molding

    Electrically driven valve pins, a low-cost alternative to valve-gating, mold-mounted temperature controllers, and new components for fast color changes are some of a host of new components and systems unveiled at the giant NPE 2006 show in Chicago this past June. (Some brand-new introductions since the show are also included in this report.) The news includes runnerless products aimed at everything from micromolding to shot weights up to 17.4 lb.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Testing and QC--New Lab Instruments Stress Affordability and Convenience

    Thermal and mechanical testers, color and appearance sensors, vision inspection devices and CMMs—the NPE had them all in more compact, economical, and easy-to-use models.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Injection Molding

    Energy-saving all-electric machines will continue to be a big draw at NPE, where new designs or upgraded models will be found in virtually every press maker’s booth.

  • A new mold-identification function has been added to the TTC hot-runner temperature controller from Gammaflux L.P., Sterling, Va.

  • K 2004 News Preview: Injection Molding

    The diversity of electric machines will be on display at this year’s show, with several new all-electric versions in direct-drive and belt-driven versions.

  • From NPE 2000: What's Hot in Hot Runners

    Closer cavity spacing, in-press serviceability, improved valve gates, smarter controls, quick-ship standard manifolds, and Internet e-commerce were leading themes in hot runners at the big show in Chicago.Hot-runner components were one of the largest categories of injection molding products exhibited at the triennial NPE show in June.

  • NPE Newsfinder: Control and Monitoring

    Visitors to NPE can get a taste of how the Internet will serve as a gateway connecting processors to their process or linking customers to their orders.

  • NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot-Runner Temperature Controls

    Sophisticated hot-runner temperature controls introduced at the NPE show in Chicago store set-up data right on the mold, detect (and even fix) thermocouple wiring mistakes, and employ easier-to-use icon-based displays.

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