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As Seen In Plastics Technology

EXTRUSION: Tool’s ‘Layer Overlapping’ Feature Improves Tube Quality
Also said to be less complex more cost effective than alternative technology.

Suppliers Team Up to Run Precision Fluoropolymer Tubing at Medical Show
Catheter tubing with an x-ray stripe made with contributions from four equipment suppliers.

Suppliers Team to Run Precision Teflon Tubing at Medical Show
Apart from the triennial K Show, extrusion system suppliers don’t operate lines at trade fairs that much anymore.

EXTRUSION: Crosshead Permits Single-Point Concentricity Adjustment
Device relies on micro-fine adjustment screws for precise adjustment of medical tubing.

EXTRUSION: Quick-Adjusting Crosshead Die For Elastomers
Gum space adjustment is made more accurate and repeatable.

EXTRUSION: Quick-Change, Fast-Clean Die Head
New die family can be specified in a wide range of ID's.

EXTRUSION: Rotary Dies Run At Higher Speeds
New tool also said to improve wall strength of extruded tubing.

EXTRUSION: New Head Needs No Fasteners
No fastening hardware speeds cleaning and restarting.

Guill Tool Founder Roger Guillemette Passes Away
Roger Guillemette founded Guill Tool in 1962 and patented dozens of revolutionary products, mostly in extrusion tooling.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING AT NPE: Flexibility, Speed, Quality Rule the Day
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

EXTRUSION: Multi-Layer Die For High-End Tubing
New tool aimed at automotive, medical, appliance and other applications.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.


EXTRUSION: Hose Die Eliminates Weld Lines
Polymer is extruded in multiple thin, alternating layers to reportedly eliminate weld lines and increase burst strength

EXTRUSION: Low-Volume Crosshead Die
Designed for micro-extrusion applications.

Tubing coextrusion die from Guill Tool

EXTRUSION: Flexible Six-Layer Tubing Die
New six-layer Series 800 tubing dies from Guill Tool & Engineering Co, W.

Guill Tool nanolayer tubing die.

Nanolayers Come to Tubing
Nanolayer technology, an active area of development in films, is also making its way to tubing extrusion.

Large Pipe Tooling Improves Material Flow
A combined die and reservoir system in the new Model 2030 tooling system from Guill Tool, W.

NPE 2009 News Flash
Injection MoldingHybrid Press Has Electric ClampNew injection presses that combine servo-electric and hydraulic movements to achieve high performance with energy efficiency will be discussed by Arburg Inc., Newington, Conn.

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