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Virtually eliminate streamers, angel-hair, snakeskins, fines and elbow wear with The Smart Elbow®.

Click here to check out some of our customers' experiences conveying plastics!

Click here to check out some of our customers' experiences conveying plastics!

The Smart Elbow® for pneumatic and slurry conveying systems eliminates elbow wear, streamers, angel-hair, fines, snakeskins, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, turbulence, etc. Due to the design of the Smart Elbow, product changes direction by deflection rather than impact with the elbow walls and/or pipe walls.

Click here for a demonstration of the Smart Elbow.

Click here for a demonstration of the Smart Elbow.

Save Space: Smart Elbow installations require 60% less linear space than long-radius elbow layouts. Save Money: The Smart Elbow will eliminate elbow replacement costs, improve laminar flow, save the cost of material which might have been lost through leakage, and reduce product degradation. Save Time: Smart Elbows improve system efficiency by virtually eliminating downtime due to wear, preventing plugging, surging and cross-contamination, and reducing maintenance needs.

Click here for Drawings or information about our Free Trial and One-Year Warranty!

Click here for Drawings or information about our Free Trial and One-Year Warranty!

Free-trials and one-year warranties available. Please call us for details. Toll-free: 1-800-505-9665 - Phone: (610) 814-2273

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HammerTek Smart Elbows, Durable & Dependable by Design. Click for Demo.

HammerTek Corp.

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TOLL FREE: 800-505-9665

FAX: 610-814-0600



The Smart Elbow® deflection elbow for dilute-phase and dense-phase pneumatic conveying of plastic resins is offered in 45° and 90° configurations in 15 diameters from 1.25 to 18 inch, with flanges and socket-weld ends in tube, Schedule 10 and Schedule 80 pipe, in cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and specialized alloys depending on diameter.

1. It prevents the frictional heat that causes pellet surfaces to melt and form streamers, angel hair and snakeskins, significantly improving the physical form of the conveyed material, while reducing its heat history.

2. It prevents hard and sharp-edged pellets from shattering or generating fines and dust that reduce quality and create waste.

3. When conveying glass-filled, mineral-filled or other hard/abrasive pellets, preventing impact with the elbow wall additionally prevents wear associated with elbow failure, system shutdowns and recurring elbow replacement costs.

4. Pellets flowing through the deflection elbow in a curved pathway exit the elbow’s cross section evenly, returning rapidly to a laminar, steady-state of flow within the conveying line, with significantly less noise and turbulence than "rope-shaped" lines of pellets that skid against the outer wall of conventional and plugged-tee elbows.

5. It requires significantly less space than conventional long-sweep elbows.

Unlike conventional “impact” elbows and “plugged-tee” elbows that rely on material impact to change direction, the HammerTek Smart Elbow design features a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90º or 45º pathway, which causes a ball of pellets suspended in air to rotate. Since the ball of pellets rotates in the same direction as the airstream that powers it, incoming pellets are cushioned by the ball’s rotation, and gently deflected around the bend. Preventing impact with the elbow wall eliminates the frictional heat that commonly melts pellet surfaces, and prevents elbow wear associated with conveying of mineral-filled, glass-filled or other abrasive pellets.

Made in the U.S.A. Free-trials and one-year warranties available.

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  • Smart Elbow®

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