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Jomar is the world’s leader in injection blow molding. Over half of all injection blow molding machines operating in the world today were built by Jomar.


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Jomar Headquarters

The first Jomar machines were delivered in 1969 and some of the early Jomar models, even those from the 1970’s, are still in production and making bottles at this moment. This is attributed to the craftsmanship, simplicity and rugged construction Jomar has always upheld as its manufacturing principles. Jomars are not over-engineered and are built to serve the needs of processors while also keeping an eye out for innovation.


Jomar builds injection blow mold machines from 20 to 175 tons, which can make bottles from 1ml to 4 liters. Jomar machines produce higher quality containers due to several unique factors including ultra-fast indexing speed and accuracy, integral microprocessor control and Jomar’s trademark vertical plastifier.


These attributes, among others, lead to more uniform weight and wall thicknesses, more precise neck tolerances, greater impact strength, more consistent color and glossier finishes. It produces bottles in a single three-station operation with no need for trimming or deflashing. This absence of scrap eliminates the need for regranulation equipment. One multi-cavity Jomar IBM machine can typically replace two extrusion models.


Jomar’s headquarters is located within a 42,000 sq foot facility in Pleasantville, New Jersey nestled between the resorts of Atlantic City and the South Jersey towns whose history with blow molding date back to the early days of glass bottle manufacturing in America.


Jomar has long-established relationships with local mold makers and can work with these companies to produce a seamless harmony between mold and machine. This integration might sound simple, but it belies the complex nature of bottle manufacturing. To this day, many projects fail because of poor tooling.


Jomar’s TURNKEY program allows customers to have one point of contact to handle both the machine and mold manufacturing. Jomar will test the mold and machine extensively at Jomar headquarters and then send a process technician to the customer’s plant upon start-up, ensuring that they are in full production before he leaves.


Over 85 percent of Jomar’s business is derived from outside the United States, so servicing clients from all across the globe is second-nature to Jomar. We recognize the old sales adage, “you win sales with pricing, but you lose them with service.” There are other machines on the market that are much cheaper than Jomar, but they can never match the level of service Jomar has been providing for over 45 years. Satisfied customers from around the world will point to the service and support they receive from Jomar as some of the biggest reasons they would buy another machine from us.


Some of the world’s most recognized brands such as Gerber’s, Crayola, Merck, P&G Unilever, Avon, Gerresheimer Group and Goya have chosen Jomar to handle their packaging needs.

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