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Product Categories of Kistler Instrument Corp.

  • Closed-loop Process Control Systems
  • Pressure Controllers, Monitors more (+)
  • Pressure Sensors, Transducers more (+)
  • Recording Instruments
  • SPC, SQC Systems
  • Troubleshooting, Problem Solving Systems

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  • Conference Presents Machinery Systems for Thermoplastic Composites in Automotive

    Three suppliers of injection machines and one of in-mold sensors will present the latest technology for injection overmolding of composites.

  • Injection Molding at K 2013: Doing More with Less

    More productivity with less energy consumption and capital investment; more operations in the machine or manufacturing cell with less time, labor, energy, and capital—these were the common themes of injection molding exhibits at October’s K 2013 show.

  • K 2013 Preview: Injection Molding

    Next month’s mammoth triennial plastics show in Düsseldorf, Germany, challenges injection molding machine builders to demonstrate technological leadership in addressing the needs of the marketplace.

  • News in Injection Molding Control & Monitoring from NPE2012

    There were also several interesting developments in injection molding control and monitoring systems at this past April’s NPE2012 exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

  • Injection Molding at NPE: Speed, Automation & Integration Take Center Stage

    Hot buttons at the show will be multi-component molding, in-mold labeling/decorating (IML/IMD), in-mold assembly, medical molding, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), micro-molding, and high-speed packaging.

  • Enhanced Cavity-Pressure Monitoring and Control

    CoMo Injection, a cavity-pressure monitoring system from Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y., that controls the injection process in real time, has several new enhancements.

  • A new line of cable-free cavity pressure sensors is said to simplify sensor handling and mounting while increasing flexibility and reducing maintenance.

  • Unbalanced? No Shortage of Ways to Fix Uneven Filling of Multi-Cavity Molds

    The accepted ground rule for balancing melt flow in multi-cavity injection molds is to achieve equal flow distance from the injection point to each cavity.

  • Sensor Guards Molds From Excess Clamping

    A new piezoelectric quartz strain transmitter designed to prevent over-clamping of mold halves in injection machines is new from Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y.

  • New or improved in-cavity sensors for melt pressure, temperature, and mold protection are available from Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y.

  • A new stand-alone cavity-pressure monitoring system designed for "zero-defect" production is the first such system from Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Control and Monitoring

    Web-based or wireless monitoring, combined temperature and pressure sensing, cost-saving modularity, and better ways to display and report process and production data are some of the advances in control and monitoring that will be presented at this year’s NPE.One development that could have the broadest implications is Watlow’s new EZ-Zone ST modular “integrated architecture” for temperature control loops.

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