Lubrizol Corp.

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Mailing Address:
29400 Lakeland Blvd.
Wickliffe, OH 44092 US

Phone: 440-943-4200

Product Categories of Lubrizol Corp.

  • Epoxy Hardeners
  • Heat Stabilizers for PVC
  • Lubricants
  • Surface Treatment Chemicals, Dispersion Aids (for Fillers, Pigments, Reinforcements)
  • Thixotropic Agents

As seen in PT

  • MATERIALS: Aromatic TPU for Long-Term Medical Implantation

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new line of eight aromatic products have expanded the Carbothane line of polycarbonate-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPUs) from Lubrizol LifeScience Polymers, Cleveland, which encompass a range of grades and radiopacities.

  • TPEs Move Up the Performance Scale

    This first of two articles on directions in TPE development focuses on styrenic, copolyester, polyamide, and TP urethane elastomers. The following article covers olefinics—TPOs, TPVs, and POEs.

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