NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

Contact Information

Please visit: NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

Mailing Address:
Wiesenstrasse 44
Sinsheim-Reihen, 74889 DE

Phone: 00-49-7261-9248-0
Fax: 00-49-7261-9248-99

Product Categories of NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

  • Cleaning Systems for Plastics Parts
  • Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
  • Conveyors (parts-handling)
  • Custom Size-reduction (Grinding) Services
  • Cutting Tools
  • Densifiers more (+)
  • Dryers for Resins
  • Dust Removal Equipment
  • Granulators more (+)
  • Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
  • Machine Maintenance Services
  • Metal Detectors, Separators
  • Particle Screeners, Classifiers, Separators
  • Pulverizers more (+)
  • Scrap-reclaim Systems--Washing Systems
  • Shredders, Guillotines more (+)

As seen in PT

  • Granulators Close-Up

  • Recycling & Scrap Reclaim

    A batch of new press-side and central granulators introduced at K'98 are designed to cut cleaner and faster. Also new are a washer/dryer for dirty waste and a repelletizer for tough films and fibers.

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