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Powerful Training, Proven Results.

Injection Molding and Extrusion Training for the Plastics Industry

Founded in 1976, Paulson Training Programs, Inc. is the leading supplier of plastics training. Our unique approach to teaching plastics processing has become a model of success throughout the plastics industry. Thousands of companies and tens of thousands of personnel have been trained by Paulson over the past 35 years. We teach the employee or technician to look at plastics processing from the plastics point of view. The plastic knows only 4 variables: melt temperature, melt pressure, flow rate and cooling rate. Every control adjustment made affects one or more of those variables and changes the process. By learning processing from this perspective, technicians understand not only the "how" of processing, but the "why" as well. With this fundamental knowledge, they are equipped to analyze and correct a broad range of potential problems.

Product Categories of Paulson Training Programs, Inc.

  • Publishers of Plastics Information (Books, Reports, CDs)
  • R&D, Training Institutes
  • Training Programs in Plastics
  • Troubleshooting, Problem Solving Systems

Trade Names of Paulson Training Programs, Inc.

  • Paulson Plastics Academy
  • ProMolder 1 Certification
  • ProMolder 2 Certification
  • ProMolder 3 Certification
  • SimTech IM Simulator

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