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Fax: 800-505-3299

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NEW Innovative Mold Coating....Good for 300,000 cycles in most applications!

NanoMoldCoating® is a semi-permanent, two step, self applied, coating that is designed to reduce cycle times, rejects, and maintenance, while improving part quality in injection molding, blow molding, and rubber molding applications. The coating is created by forming a nanoscale barrier from nano formulated molecules. It is a non-toxic, non-migrating product that can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F. The coating can facilitate a part release for up to and in many cases exceeding 300,000 cycles per coat, depending on the molded material, fillers, mold design, material flow rates and pressures. NanoMoldCoating® can be used for virtually any molded material including heavy glass and mineral filled resins, rubber, and silicones and can be applied to any steel or aluminum substrate, as well as other materials such as beryllium, copper, etc. NanoMoldCoating® is designed to be resistant to most common cleaners and degreasers so molds can be cleaned without removing the coating.

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PCS Company Global Standard for Quality, Service and Support.

Company Description   PCS Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality mold bases and components for the plastics and die cast industries.  Founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of ejector pins, cores and sleeves, PCS set the industry standard with the Hardened Throughout Ejector Pin?, known for it?s precision, quality and workability.  In 2006 PCS was the first to offer an online configurable mold base allowing instant download of complete mold assemblies for faster, simpler, mold design.  As one of the largest mold components suppliers in the U.S., PCS Company is uniquely positioned to provide their customers with a comprehensive component inventory and total product support through their headquarters, branch offices and distributor network in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.   Products and Services   PCS Company has an extensive line of quality mold bases and mold components offering standard mold bases with interchangeable plates, custom mold bases machined in Fraser, MI.  Volastic Hot Runner Systems nozzles, manifolds, and controllers with complete system integration and retro fittings, specialized pins, cores, sleeves, date inserts and markers, cooling products, 2 million cycle Tri-Lock and i-mold Tunnel Gate Insets.   Customers can place orders, track shipments and order history, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the PCS secure online ordering system buyatpcs.com.   For More Information Contact:   PCS Company 800-521-0546 800-505-3299 sales@pcs-company.com www.pcs-company.com www.buyatpcs.com

Product Categories of PCS Company

  • Heat Pipes and Related Thermal Conductors more (+)
  • Heaters, Heating Elements more (+)
  • Hot Runner Components more (+)
  • Injection Molding Nozzles
  • Injection Molds more (+)
  • Lubricants more (+)
  • Mold Components
  • Mold Grease
  • Mold Making and Repair Equipment
  • Mold Steels
  • Mold-cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
  • Prototyping Equipment
  • Quick-mold-change Equipment
  • Release Agents--External (Spray or Wipe-on) more (+)
  • Steels
  • Temperature Controllers, Monitors more (+)

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    Larger frame sizes, and spray-on mold-maintenance chemicals.

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  • New Source of Valve Gates

    Hydraulic or pneumatic valve-gate designs will soon be added to a new line of hot-runner nozzles that are said to improve heat transfer through the nozzle body and into the tip and minimize heat loss to the mold.

  • New Hot Runners Improve Tip Heating

    A new line of hot-runner nozzles is designed to improve heat transfer through the nozzle body and into the tip without heat losses to the mold.

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