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  • Screws (Plasticating)

Trade Names of Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc.

  • Turbo-Screws

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  • Foamed PLA Shows Promise In Biodegradable Meat Trays

    Foamed food trays made of polylactic acid (PLA) resin, the corn-based biopolymer, have a commercial toehold in Europe and are undergoing market tests here.

  • Biopolymers Strive to Meet Price/Performance Challenge

    High expectations for biopolymers— an emerging class of materials derived at least in part from biological activity—are being tempered by the realities of the marketplace.

  • Extruding Biopolymers: Packaging Reaps Cost Benefit of Going 'Green'

    Plastics made from renewable carbon chains, not fossil carbon from oil or gas, are suddenly a solid commercial reality. The draw isn’t just “green” marketing, but the “green” of stable prices not linked to petrochemicals.

  • Corn-based Biopolymers Make News

    Recent news testifies to growing momentum for biopolymers derived from corn by bacterial fermentation: --As reported on p. 22, DuPont Co., Wilmington, Del., is developing engineering thermoplastics and TPEs derived in part from fermented corn sugar. --Mazda Motor Corp., Tokyo, and a Japanese consortium of other companies, universities, and research institutes developed a heat-resistant plastic consisting of 88% corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) and 12% petroleum-derived materials.

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