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Product Categories of PlastiComp, Inc.

  • Long-fiber Compounding & Molding Systems
  • Profiles, Tubing, Hose Take-off Systems

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  • MATERIALS: Conductive Long-Fiber Compounds Duplicate Magnesium Properties

    LFTs duplicate both the mechanical and electrical properties of magnesium in injection molding or extrusion while offering up to 40% reductions in weight.

  • PlasticComp Extrudes LFT Pipes & Profiles

    The system uses crosshead profile dies to coextrude fiber tows and unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruded profile.

  • PlastiComp & DSM Developing Biobased Long-Fiber Composites

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: PlastiComp, Inc., Winona, Minn., has entered into a partnership with DSM Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Birmingham, Mich.), to develop biobased, long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) composite materials for automotive and other performance-driven markets.

  • MATERIALS: Translucent Long-Glass TPU for Structural Applications

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: PlastiComp, Winona, Minn., recently announced what it claims is a compounding breakthrough with a translucent long-glass reinforced TPU compound for molded structural parts.

  • MATERIALS: Tougher Long-Fiber Nylon Compounds

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: New nylon 6 and 66 compounds with up to 60% long-glass fiber are said to be “ultra-durable,” with up to twice the impact resistance of standard materials.

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: New long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds from PlastiComp, LLC, Winona, Minn., are said to beat previous alternatives with a combination of high-level EMI shielding performance with cost-effectiveness and thin-wall moldability.

  • Options Expand in LFTs

    Two suppliers report greater availability of long-fiber thermoplastics (LFTs). First, European-developed Stamax long-fiber PP pellets are now available in the U.S. from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass.

  • Injection Molding Compounders Molders Get Control Of Their Materials

    The combination of an injection molding press and a twin-screw compounding extruder represents a new paradigm for processors: They create their own materials as they mold them.

  • Long-Fiber Pellets Come Fully Loaded

    The Complet line of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) pellets from PlastiComp LLC, Winona, Minn., now is available with color, impact modifier, and/or other additives.

  • PlastiComp Expands LFT Pellet Capacity

    Increasing customer demand for Complet long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pellets has prompted PlastiComp LLC, Winona, Minn., to plan installation of a new production line capable of 3 million to 5 million lb/yr.

  • Nanocomposite Foams Unveiled At SPI Processors' Conference

    One of the industry’s first uses of nanocomposite foams for strong, lightweight composites was introduced at April’s 2007 Plastics Parts Innovation Conference of the SPI Alliance of Plastics Processors (APP) in Memphis, Tenn. (The APP was formerly SPI’s Structural Plastics Div.) Other news highlights of the meeting included one of the first uses of external gas-assist molding in the U.S., a new use of direct in-line compounding of long-fiber thermoplastics (D-LFT) to make glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) sheet, and a unique one-piece automotive grille guard with a molded-in chrome tube. Lighter, stronger foamsNanoclays and carbon nanotubes from 5 to 10 nanometers thick have been incorporated into foams of PVC, polystyrene, and polypropylene in a collaborative project called the Center for Multifunctional Polymer Nanomaterials and Devices (CMPND) at Ohio State University.

  • Pushtrusion direct in-line long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) compounding and molding technology now has been tested successfully with carbon fibers.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Injection Molding

    Advances in electric drive technology were evident in nearly every injection machine builder’s booth in Chicago.

  • There is only a small contingent of NPE exhibitors in the thermosets and composites segment, but they will discuss several new advances, particularly in materials.

  • They've Been Working on the Railroad

    Composite RR ties could finally be on their way to becoming the next big thing in plastic lumber. They are attracting interest from makers of marine pilings, another category of structural wood replacements.

  • Molders' Guide to Do-It-Yourself Robot Tooling

    An injection molding robot is no better than its end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). All the potential benefits of robots--increased productivity, quality, and safety, as well as reduced scrap--are influenced by the effectiveness with which the EOAT does its job. End-of-arm tooling may perform tasks as simple as sprue picking and demolding or as advanced as degating, insert loading, parts reorientation, and assembly.

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