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  • Recording Instruments
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As seen in PT

  • INJECTION MOLDING: In-Cavity Sensors Hardened Against Wear

    Pressure sensors resist abrasive fillers or corrosive melts.

  • Injection Molding at K 2013: Doing More with Less

    More productivity with less energy consumption and capital investment; more operations in the machine or manufacturing cell with less time, labor, energy, and capital—these were the common themes of injection molding exhibits at October’s K 2013 show.

  • News in Injection Molding Control & Monitoring from NPE2012

    There were also several interesting developments in injection molding control and monitoring systems at this past April’s NPE2012 exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

  • Achieve Process Transparency with In-Mold Cavity Sensors

    In plastic injection molding, the primary objective is to manufacture dimensionally and structurally consistent parts, independent of the molding machine being used.

  • Injection Molding at NPE: Speed, Automation & Integration Take Center Stage

    Hot buttons at the show will be multi-component molding, in-mold labeling/decorating (IML/IMD), in-mold assembly, medical molding, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), micro-molding, and high-speed packaging.

  • Software Balances Hot-Runner Filling Automatically

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new temperature-based control programs to address flow balancing in hot-runner systems have been added to the Priamus Fill controls from Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Flexible, Economical Process Monitoring System

    A new process-monitoring system that utilizes PC-based Process Data AcquisitionModules (PDAM) was shown at NPE 2009 by Syscon-PlantStar, SouthBend, Ind.

  • Collaboration in Real-Time Process Monitoring

    WEB EXCLUSIVE Syscon-PlantStar of S.

  • Cavity pressure and temperature sensors can be checked to confirm proper operation with a new signal tester from Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Contact-less Temperature Sensors Unveiled

    A new line of cavity temperature sensors that do not contact the injection molded plastic is new from Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, Ohio.

  • A new control option that combines injection machine control with cavity-pressure/temperature sensing and control comes from Keba AG, Linz, Austria, and Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Unbalanced? No Shortage of Ways to Fix Uneven Filling of Multi-Cavity Molds

    The accepted ground rule for balancing melt flow in multi-cavity injection molds is to achieve equal flow distance from the injection point to each cavity.

  • Thermoset Molder Closes the Loop On Mold Temperature Control

    Vernay Laboratories Inc. of Yellow Springs, Ohio, is a major producer of precision rubber fluid-control components at four plants in the U.S. and Europe. “In rubber molding, the temperature of the mold is the heart of the process, so maintaining a uniform thermal profile across the tool is vital,” says Ankur Maheshwari, program manager at the Griffin, Ga., plant, Vernay’s biggest in North America.The company was having a big problem controlling temperature uniformity in production of a special gasket seal used in printer cartridges.

  • Cavity Temperature Sensors Get Waterproofed

    WEB EXCLUSIVE A new line of waterproof injection molding cavity temperature sensors, which allow it to be mounted in the cooling circuit, is new from Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Multicavity Filling Control for Hot Runners


  • A new injection machine control and monitoring system that allows molders to attain similar production rate and part quality from a mold as it moves from machine to machine was introduced at the K Show in Germany last month by Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Miniature cavity-pressure sensors have been added to the Priasafe line from Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Monitoring and control of the operation of rotary-table molds is a new option on the Priamus Monitor data-acquisition system from Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio.

  • A new process information system that combines comprehensive process monitoring from each injection machine with central data collection is new from Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, Ohio.

  • For small molds, new miniature cavity-pressure sensors are said to be easier to install than previous mini sensors.

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