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PTi is a leading manufacturer of world class single screw extrusion equipment.


Processing Technologies International, LLC (PTi)Serving over 20 countries, PTi is a global leader in high performance sheet extrusion machinery.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

K 2016 Extrusion: Speed, Versatility Rule the Day at K
Shorter product runs mean frequent product changeovers for processors, and suppliers responded to these trends across all extrusion technologies.

PTi Breaks Ground on Major Expansion
$10 million investment Illinois HQ to meet growing North American demand for sheet.

Ahead of the Curve in Recycling
A pioneer in recycling milk bottles built a thriving business in plastic lumber, but blow molding with PCR has proved a longer, harder road to success.

Trials Show 'Dryer-Less' System Converts Mixed Regrind Into High-Quality Thermoformed Sheet
In production-scale trials, PETG and APET scrap bypasses landfill thanks to PTi's high-vacuum, twin-screw extrusion system.

PTi to Expand Headquarters
The sheet extrusion machinery supplier will invest $10 million in an expansion that will nearly double manufacturing space and capacity at its Aurora, Ill. headquarters.

New Roll Lock-Out System Protects Sheet Operators
First-of-a-kind system prevents rolls from closing accidentally.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING AT NPE: Flexibility, Speed, Quality Rule the Day
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

PTi To Jointly Commercialize Patented Layer-Flipping Technology
Novel device provides efficient method for changing layer configurations.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

Optimizing Thin-Gauge Sheet for In-Line Thermoforming
Processing thin-gauge sheet for in-line thermoforming poses unique challenges. Here’s how to cope with them.

EXTRUSION: Another Way to Extrude PET Without Drying
A planetary-roller section allows efficient degassing.

Extrusion/Compounding at K 2013: Having It All
Extrusion processors no longer need to chose among speed, quality, and flexibility, based on exhibits at K 2013.


There’s No Lid on This Processor’s Creativity
For this lid maker, the keys to success are speed, flexibility and ingenuity.


‘Skew’ Rolls for More Uniform Sheet
New feature aimed at thin-gauge PP sheet.

Anti-Stat Coater Integrated in Pull-Roll Frame
Sheet systems supplier Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, Ill., has developed a new, patented system that integrates an anti-static coater into the frame of the pull-roll unit of its G Series roll stand.

EXTRUSION: Adjust Chill-Roll Height with a Simple Ratchet
A ratchet-activated height-adjustment device raises and lowers the cooling and polishing rolls relative to the sheet die.

Simple, Economical, Manual Roll-Gap Adjustment for Sheet
Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, Ill., has developed and patented a new way to manually adjust roll gap on cooling and polishing sheet roll stands.

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: Advances Push Efficiency Envelope
Blown film towers may have been scarce, but there was no shortage of new technology aimed at helping to make extrusion processors more profitable.

Solving 10 Common Challenges In Extruding Thin-Gauge Sheet
Thin-gauge sheet production presents some unique challenges to the extrusion operator, including the following set of 10 commonly encountered considerations

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: More Output, More Flexibility, Less Energy
There won't be many blown-film lines running, but there is still much in the way of innovation going on in extrusion and compounding.

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Computer and Automation Testing Auxiliaries
Custom Machine Builders
Extruder Screens, Screen Packs, Screen Changers, Breaker Plates, Other Melt-Filtration Equipment
Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
Machinery Rebuilding
Multiple-screw Extruders
Orientation and Tentering Equipment (for Webs)
Pipe Take-off Systems
Plastic Lumber Extrusion/Molding Systems
Profiles, Tubing, Hose Take-off Systems
Ram Extruders
Sheet Take-off Systems
Single-screw Extruders
Used Machinery
Web Winders, Unwinds, Rewinds

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