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Processing Technologies International, LLC (PTi)

Serving over 20 countries, PTi is a global leader in high performance sheet extrusion machinery. Established in 1988, PTi continues to supply and service single screw extrusion equipment to industries producing packaging, construction, automotive, lawn & garden, office products, signs & displays, appliances and much more. Engineered to exact standards PTi systems offer an exceptional array of design features resulting in superior equipment performance.

New technologies include VIDEOGAP™, Auto-Ramp™ and TITAN® Computer Control Systems which feature basic PLC controls for speed, interlock and temperature PID coordination; basic recipe, trending; and the advanced feature TITAN® Plus. The TITAN® Plus includes expanded data logging, VIDEOGAP™ technology and voice annunciation.

PTi also offers several unique roll stand configurations that are used to produce thin through thick sheet gauges (0.006 – 1.000”/0.15 – 25.0 mm) at narrow thru wide sheet widths (24 – 130”/600 – 3,300 mm). REVOLUTION® roll stands feature linear bearing guided roll actuation with direct acting cylinders positioned on roll shaft centers and are available in a vertical, horizontal and J-stack arrangements. PTi’s TRIDENT® model roll stands incorporate heavy duty pivot arms for roll actuation using a lever advantaged cylinder placement. The newest addition to the line-up of industry proven products is GLOBALINE® a pre-engineered, compact, sheet extrusion system that is configurable to customer specific production requirements.

PTi’s markets served include: mono and co-extruded sheet, foam sheet, compounding, fiber, pipe and profile and reclaim.

Touting some of the industry’s leading engineers, PTi provides customers with an edge over the competition for end product quality and machine versatility. PTi maintains its delivery of the highest quality sheet extrusion systems found anywhere throughout the industry.


Company Profile

PTi is a leading manufacturer of world class single screw extrusion equipment. For information on PTi's innovations, please contact one of our sales representatives. Processing Technologies 2655 White Oak Circle Aurora, IL 60502 P: 630.585.5800 F: 630.585.5855

Product Categories of PTi/Processing Technologies International

  • Computer and Automation Testing Auxiliaries
  • Custom Machine Builders
  • Extruder Screens, Screen Packs, Screen Changers, Breaker Plates, Other Melt-Filtration Equipment
  • Feeders more (+)
  • Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
  • Machinery Rebuilding
  • Multiple-screw Extruders more (+)
  • Orientation and Tentering Equipment (for Webs)
  • Pelletizers more (+)
  • Pipe Take-off Systems more (+)
  • Plastic Lumber Extrusion/Molding Systems
  • Profiles, Tubing, Hose Take-off Systems more (+)
  • Ram Extruders more (+)
  • Sheet Take-off Systems more (+)
  • Single-screw Extruders more (+)
  • Used Machinery
  • Web Winders, Unwinds, Rewinds

Trade Names of PTi/Processing Technologies International

  • AutoGap™
  • AutoRamp™
  • G-Series®
  • TITAN Plus®
  • TITAN®
  • VideoGap™

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