RKC Instrument

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Please visit: RKC Instrument

Mailing Address:
4245 Meghan Beeler Ct., Ste. 2
South Bend, IN 46628 US

Phone: 574-273-6099
Toll-Free: 877-599-1990
Fax: 574-247-9657

Product Categories of RKC Instrument

  • Closed-loop Process Control Systems
  • Hot-water or Oil-circulating Temperature Controllers
  • Level Sensors and Controls
  • Machine Monitoring/Alarm Systems
  • Pressure Controllers, Monitors more (+)
  • Pressure Sensors, Transducers more (+)
  • Temperature Controllers, Monitors more (+)
  • Temperature Pyrometers, Sensors, Thermocouples more (+)

As seen in PT

  • New Pressure Instruments For Extrusion

    WEB EXCLUSIVE Two suppliers have introduced three new pressure instruments, primarily for extrusion, though they could be used in other plastics processing applications: The SPX-T temperature-compensated pressure sensor from Dynisco Instruments, Franklin, Mass., has a built-in RTD temperature sensor.

  • Low-Cost, High-Performance Temperature Controller

    The RB series of high-performance, single-zone temperature controllers from RKC Instrument Inc., S.

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