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Brampton, ON L6T 5S2 CA

Phone: 416-749-1698
Toll-Free: 888-700-8555
Fax: 416-749-2795

Product Categories of StackTeck Systems Ltd.

  • Automation/Systems Integration
  • Consultants--Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing
  • Hot Runner Components more (+)
  • Injection Molds more (+)
  • Labeling Equipment--In-Mold
  • Mold Components
  • Mold Making and Repair Equipment
  • Mold/Tool Design and Analysis Services
  • Prototype Molds

As seen in PT

  • News in Hot Runners & Tooling at K 2013

    Molds that break speed records for specific applications; hot runners for medical, packaging, and automotive parts; temperature and valve-gate controllers; and standardized mold components constitute a large grab-bag of news in the tooling category for injection molding at the Dusseldorf show.

  • TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight

    Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

  • New Thin-Wall Approach And Other Tooling News at NPE

    Lightweighting injection molded parts is the aim of a new Thin Recess Injection Molding (TRIM) process introduced at NPE last month by Stack Teck Systems Ltd., Brampton, Ont.

  • Conformal Mold Cooling Gains Another Licensee

    A patented conformal cooling process developed by Ritemp Technologies Pty.

  • Modular ‘Adaptable Automation’ Makes IML More Economical

    Five years ago, in-mold labeling was just gaining traction among North American injection molders as a one-step approach to decorating without secondary operations.

  • High-cavitation cap and closure tooling is a new offering from StackTeck, Brampton, Ont., through its new alliance with Universal Closures, Tewkesbury, UK.

  • Moldmaker StackTeck of Brampton, Ont., is exploring applications for a new mold-cooling technology patented by RiTemp Technologies Pty.

  • In-Mold Assembly: The New Frontier for Multi-Shot Molding

    The drive to eliminate secondary operations is pushing multi-shot injection molding a step farther—toward assembling separate components in the tool via snap-fits, welding, and co-molding of incompatible materials.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Injection Molding

    Advances in electric drive technology were evident in nearly every injection machine builder’s booth in Chicago.

  • In-Mold Labeling Catching on in North America

    Already a familiar sight on European store shelves, the eye-catching appeal of "IML" is gaining traction among North American injection molders. The latest tooling and automation designs can handle the higher volumes needed here.

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