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Product Categories of Staubli Corporation

  • Assembly Robots and EOAT more (+)
  • Clamps, Holding Devices
  • General Purpose Robots and EOAT more (+)
  • Mold Components
  • Mold/Die Management Systems
  • Part or Sprue Removal Robots and EOAT more (+)
  • Pneumatic Components (including Compressors)
  • Quick-mold-change Equipment
  • Spray Painting Robots and EOAT more (+)
  • Water, Oil Manifolds and Couplings

As seen in PT

  • Making Standard Robots More “Collaborative”

    Laser scanners can slow or stop a robot temporarily when a human approaches.

  • Now That’s “Collaborative”!

    Pick-and-place product handling … simple assembly tasks … sure, or why not serving a cold beer?

  • Why Five-Axis Cartesian Robots Are a Hit with Molders

    Five-axis linear robots are proving to be a cost-effective alternative to six-axis articulated robots in many applications.

  • News in Robots from K 2013

    Injection molding Cartesian robots are being made lighter and faster, but with greater payload capacity and vibration resistance. Six-axis articulated robots are being made easier to program.

  • News in Hot Runners & Tooling at K 2013

    Molds that break speed records for specific applications; hot runners for medical, packaging, and automotive parts; temperature and valve-gate controllers; and standardized mold components constitute a large grab-bag of news in the tooling category for injection molding at the Dusseldorf show.

  • K 2013 Preview: Injection Molding

    Next month’s mammoth triennial plastics show in Düsseldorf, Germany, challenges injection molding machine builders to demonstrate technological leadership in addressing the needs of the marketplace.

  • Robots at NPE: Faster, Stronger, Smarter

    Among the many attractions in injection molding exhibits at NPE2012 were more intelligent robots with higher speeds and payload capacities

  • Injection Molding at NPE: Speed, Automation & Integration Take Center Stage

    Hot buttons at the show will be multi-component molding, in-mold labeling/decorating (IML/IMD), in-mold assembly, medical molding, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), micro-molding, and high-speed packaging.

  • Quick Mold Changing Systems

    Systems are billed as safe and user friendly.

  • Servo Robots Show More Speed, Muscle & Brains

    The recent NPE 2009 show in Chicago saw the debut of dozens of new and enhanced robots for injection molding. The vast majority of the new models were all-servo types, though some economized by mixing servo and pneumatic axes. These new robots emphasized higher speeds, heavier payload capacity, longer reach, and more intelligent controllers that make programming and troubleshooting easier than ever. Telescoping arms and dual arms were very common among the new entries, as well.

  • Magnetic Platen System Gets Enhanced Controls

    The Intelligent Magnetic Clamping (IMAG) system from Staubli Corp., Duncan, S.C., now has additional monitoring features and can be used with thinner back plates (13 mm) than before.

  • Cleanroom Robot Handles Heavy Loads

    A new six-axis jointed-arm robot suited to cleanroom use comes in two models that handle payloads up to 220 or 286 lb.

  • New Tabletop SCARA Robot

    A new ultra-compact SCARA-type robot for tabletop automation has been added to the high speed high-precision line from Staubli Robotics, Duncan, S.C.

  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Brains and Brawn - New Robots Are Handier Than Ever

    Injection molding robots introduced at NPE pushed the work envelope for speed, reach, payload capacity, ease of programming, and ability to handle more sophisticated tasks.

  • Robots for Cutting, Trimming and Assembly

    The recent NPE show in Chicago saw the debut of several new 5- and 6-axis articulated-arm robots and programming software for secondary operations.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Injection Molding

    Energy-saving all-electric machines will continue to be a big draw at NPE, where new designs or upgraded models will be found in virtually every press maker’s booth.

  • Six-Axis Robots: Where They Fit in Injection Molding

    Injection molded parts are typically demolded with simple pick-and-place automation—a top-mounted, gantry-style (also called Cartesian, linear, or traversing) three-axis robot.

  • NPE News Wrap-up: Robots

    From micro to maxi, from simple sprue pickers to sophisticated six-axis models, NPE had it all. A raft of new robots, faster and smarter than ever, will help make automation an irresistible choice for U.S. molders.

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