Techmer PM, LLC

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Please visit: Techmer PM, LLC

Mailing Address:
1 Quality Cir.
Clinton, TN 37716 US

Phone: 865-457-6700
Fax: 865-457-3012

Product Categories of Techmer PM, LLC

  • Antiblocking Concentrates
  • Antifogging Agents
  • Antioxidant Concentrates more (+)
  • Antistat Concentrates
  • Biocides
  • Blowing Agents--Concentrates more (+)
  • Color Concentrates, Liquid or Paste more (+)
  • Color Concentrates, Solid more (+)
  • Conductive Additives
  • Custom Compounding, Formulating--Thermoplastics
  • Flame Retardant Concentrates more (+)
  • Fragrance Additives
  • Lubricant Concentrates
  • Metal Deactivators more (+)
  • Nucleating/Clarifying Agents
  • Odor Neutralizers
  • Processing Aids--Other Organic Types
  • Processing Aids--Polymeric Type
  • Purging Compounds
  • Release Agents--Internal (Additive Type)
  • Slip Agent Concentrates
  • Surfactants
  • UV Stabilizer Concentrates more (+)

As seen in PT

  • Planting The Seeds For A Future In Plastics

      Winners of the Techmer PM sponsored Student Design Awards.    There have been several stories lately from a number of companies describing the ways in which its employees are engaging with the younger generation.

  • Manufacturing Innovation Hub To Strengthen U.S. Leadership In Next-Generation Composites

    Techmer is part of a new consortium to advance country's position in next-generation composite materials; first 3D-printed electric car unveiled.

  • Techmer Buys TP Composites

    Color and additives masterbatch supplier Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has expanded its engineering thermoplastics portfolio with the acquisition of custom compounder TP Composites, Ashton, Pa.

  • New Venture to Fill Gap in Tech Support

    Resin distributor Mitsui Plastics, White Plains, N.Y., and compounder Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., will announce at this month’s NPE show a new venture called Mitsui Techmer Solutions.

  • Techmer Buys Accel Color

    Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has acquired Accel Corp. (also known as Accel Color) of Avon, Ohio.

  • Techmer Opens New Lab

    WEB EXCLUSIVE Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has opened a brand-new technical center occupying 2000 sq ft and outfitted with sophisticated instruments for testing and analyzing plastics, including films, fiber, and moldings.

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