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PE Prices Moving Up; PP Prices Spike Sharply
An early outlook: the reversal in the trajectory of polyolefin prices is happening faster than usual.

Prices Bottom Out for Polyolefins; PET, PS, PVC Move Up
Flat or falling prices have turned upward for all five commodity resins.

Polyolefin Prices Drop; Ditto for PET
PE, PP, PET prices head down, PS and PVC flat for now.

Resin Prices Mostly Higher
Third quarter ends with upward movement for most resin prices, even for high-volume engineering grades, except for PET.

PET Prices Drop; Others Remain Stable
PE, PP, PVC, PS prices stable for now, PET more volatile.

PP, PE Prices Drop While Others Rise
Polyolefin prices ‘calm’ for now, while PET, PS, PVC show a bit more volatility.

Resin Prices Flat to Lower
Second quarter ends with flat to declining prices, even for high-volume engineering resins.

Most Prices Up, PP Down
Prices of four of the five large-volume commodity resins are on an upward trajectory

Resin Prices Drop Again—Except for PP
First quarter saw further price erosion, even for high-volume engineering resins, but PP was the exception.

PP Bucks Trend to Flat or Lower Prices
Lower feedstock costs, slowed demand in early first quarter are likely to keep most prices stable.

Commodity Resin Prices Flat or Lower
Mostly quiet forecast for the end of the year.

Commodity Resin Prices Drop
Downward trajectory resumes for all four commodity resins.

Resin Prices May Have Bottomed Out
With continued declines in feedstock and energy costs through much of the first quarter, commodity and engineering resin prices fell too.

Commodity Resin Prices Heading Up
Upward pressure on prices comes from production disruptions and higher feedstock costs.

Prices of Commodity & Engineering Thermoplastics Trend Flat to Lower
Prices of PP, PS drop as PE, PVC are flat or softening. Ditto for ABS, PC, and nylon 6 and 66.

Major Resin Prices Flat or Lower
Good news for buyers of PE, PP, PS, and PVC..

PP Prices Down, Others Up
The second quarter started with higher prices for PE, PS, PVC, and ABS, but PP was down a bit.

PE, PP Prices Firming, Others Soften
Polyolefin prices appear to have bottomed out, with flat-to-upward pricing expected, while PS and PVC prices are likely to flatten. Prices of ABS, PC, and nylons are soft and going nowhere in the near future.

PP, PS Prices Drop; Others Soften
Polypropylene prices have dropped significantly and may have hit bottom, while PE prices flattened out and face downward pressure from increased supplier inventories, lower feedstock prices, and soft demand.

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