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  • EPS Bead (including Copolymers)
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • MDPE
  • Polypropylene (including Copolymers)
  • Polystyrene

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  • PP Prices Down, Others Up

    The second quarter started with higher prices for PE, PS, PVC, and ABS, but PP was down a bit.

  • PE, PP Prices Firming, Others Soften

    Polyolefin prices appear to have bottomed out, with flat-to-upward pricing expected, while PS and PVC prices are likely to flatten. Prices of ABS, PC, and nylons are soft and going nowhere in the near future.

  • PP, PS Prices Drop; Others Soften

    Polypropylene prices have dropped significantly and may have hit bottom, while PE prices flattened out and face downward pressure from increased supplier inventories, lower feedstock prices, and soft demand.

  • PP Prices Spike, Others Rise, Too

    Prices of four commodity thermoplastics rose in late January and early February, and new increases were announced for this month in PP, PE, and PVC.

  • Commodity Resin Prices Still Dropping

    Lower feedstock costs, ample material availability, and overall sluggish demand has driven prices down for the four commodity thermoplastics.

  • Resin Prices Still Heading South

    A sharp decline in U.S. energy prices and tabs for all key feedstocks, along with dismal-to-lackluster domestic and global demand, have brought significantly more attractive pricing for the four commodity thermoplastics and downward movement for four high-volume engineering resins.

  • Price Relief Continues in Commodity Resins

    Further price erosion is projected for at least this month, particularly in the case of polyolefins and polystyrene.

  • Price Relief in Commodity Resins

    Combination of slowed global demand, build-up in resin suppliers’ inventories, and projected drops in feedstock prices are expected to provide some price relief at least through the second quarter.

  • PP Prices Spike; Other Prices Up, Too

    Prices of commodity resins all moved up in the first quarter.

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