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  • Five skills gap related announcements in one day point to an industry ready to address a pressing problem.

  • Toshiba Opens Service Center in Mexico

    Taking advantage of a "reshoring" trend.

  • Extreme Molding’s Mantra: ‘Find Your Niche and Stick to It’

    For a small custom injection molder competing in today’s global market, Lynn Momrow-Zielinski has two pieces of advice: 1) Develop a business plan and stick to it. 2) Find a technical and/or market niche and stick to that, too.

  • Injection Molding at NPE: New Machines Showed Their Stuff In Sophisticated Molding Demos

    More speed, more power, more precision, and more automated functions accomplished in and out of the mold. That’s exactly what injection machinery suppliers were offering at NPE2012.

  • Injection Molding at NPE: Speed, Automation & Integration Take Center Stage

    Hot buttons at the show will be multi-component molding, in-mold labeling/decorating (IML/IMD), in-mold assembly, medical molding, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), micro-molding, and high-speed packaging.

  • INJECTION MOLDING: Faster, More Versatile Line of Electric Presses

    Featuring a greater range of shot sizes, 20% faster dry cycles, and 30% more clamping rigidity, the EC-SX series of all-electric presses was introduced by Toshiba Machine Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

  • Injection Molding at NPE 2003

    Show goers will see an electric injection machine in nearly every press maker’s booth this year, and electric/hydraulic hybrids in several.

  • NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Injection Molding

    New injection machinery at the show ranged from all-electric units for high-speed packaging or bioplastic processing to hybrid presses ready for the cleanroom. Other units highlighted multi-component molding with LSR and thermoplastics or super-compact presses for small parts. Several new machines targeted specific applications such as caps and closures, PET preforms, LSR, or integrated long-glass compounding.

  • NPE News in Injection Molding

    If a better machine can help your company beat challenging economic conditions, you’ll probably find it at NPE. And finding it will be easier, thanks to our editors’ efforts to sift out of some 2000 exhibits the most significant news in injection and blow molding, extrusion, compounding, and thermoforming.

  • Enhanced All-Electrics and New Six-Axis Robot

    A new all-electric machine line has a new clamp design and controller that reduce platen deflection and dry-cycle time compared with its predecessor.

  • Machine Monitoring with Remote Real-Time Access

    WEB EXCLUSIVE Remote real-time monitoring of up to 24 injection presses from any internet-enabled device is a new capability from Toshiba Machine Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

  • Injection Molding LSR: Three 'M's of Innovation: Mega, Micro, and Multi

    Liquid silicone rubber is breaking out of its niche into a broader array of applications, helped by new developments in materials, machinery, and processing. Larger parts, micro-parts, foams, and multi-color or multi-material combinations are key areas of innovation.

  • A new, line of all-electric toggle presses built in China by Toshiba Machine Co.

  • Electric, Hydraulic, or Hybrid? What's the Right Injection Press for You?

    If you were buying an injection molding machine 20 years ago, you had to decide between a toggle or fully hydraulic clamp and that was pretty much it.

  • A new patent-pending technology that produces three-color molded parts from liquid silicone rubber using a single barrel is a new joint development from Toshiba Machine Co., Elk Grove, Ill., and M.R.

  • Global Competition: How U.S. Processors Cope


  • NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Injection Molding

    Advances in electric drive technology were evident in nearly every injection machine builder’s booth in Chicago.

  • What to See at NPE 2006: Injection Molding

    Energy-saving all-electric machines will continue to be a big draw at NPE, where new designs or upgraded models will be found in virtually every press maker’s booth.

  • Two compact SCARA-type pick-and-place robots combining high speed and high payload capacity were unveiled recently by Toshiba Machine Co.

  • Two compact SCARA-type pick-and-place robots combining high speed and high payload capacity were unveiled recently by Toshiba Machine Co.

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