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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Victrex Expands Its “Downstream” Parts Manufacturing Business
The joint venture with Tri-Mack Plastics to accelerate use of PAEK composite components in aerospace.

Ineos Acquires HDPE Pipe Maker
WL Plastics is one of the largest HDPE pipe producers in North America.

K 2016 Preview: Materials & Additives
Driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability.

3D Printed PEEK-Based Composite Pipe for Subsea Oil & Gas Use
Magma Global's flexible m-pipe technology used for the largest and longest Victrex-based PEEK structure achieved to date.

MATERIALS: New PAEK-Based Composites for Aerospace
Victrex now offers PAEK and carbon fiber based unidirectional (UD) tape and laminate panels.

Victrex Invests in PEEK Composites
To support industrial and medical sector applications, Victrex embarks on downstream manufacturing projects for UD tapes and composite plates..

Carbon Fiber PEEK Replaces Metal in Aircraft Door Fitting
Victrex's 40% carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK results in a 40% savings in both weight and production costs over the incumbent aluminum part.

Victrex Acquires Kleiss Gears to Bolster PEEK Gears Growth
PEEK resin producer buys specialist in injection molding gears.

Victrex Acquires Kleiss Gears to Bolster PEEK Gears Business
Victrex, West Conshohocken, Penn., has enhanced its ability to provide complete ‘integrated’ service through its acquisition of PEEK polymer gears specialist Kleiss Gears, Grantsburg, Wisc.

Advanced Hybrid TP Composite Molding for Aerospace
Overmolding PEEK onto PAEK laminate.

PEEK Featured In New Line of Subsea Connectors
Victrex's PEEK is the overmolded insulating material in a new line of highly-efficient connectors for subsea and downhole applications.

PEEK Used In Overmolding Transmission Components Of All-Terrain Vehicle
Replacing a coated brass gear, is Victrex's PEEK compound in the robust overmolded steel drive shaft segment gear of BPG Werks all-terrain, dual-tracked vehicle

PEEK Replaces Coated Brass Gear In Key Transmission Parts in All-Terrain Vehicle
Victrex's PEEK compound is used in the robust overmolded steel drive shaft segment gear of new all-terrain dual-tracked vehicle (DTV).

K 2013 Preview: Materials & Additives
The K 2013 show will present a broad range of engineered plastics materials, including thermoplastic composites, as well as additives. Automotive and electronic applications will be the main targets, as well as medical, packaging, lighting, and construction.

PEEK Chosen for Nuclear Reactor Seals
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Victrex PEEK was selected by EGC Critical Components for a seal system designed to prevent nuclear reactor coolant leaks during an emergency shutdown.

MATERIALS: PEEK Compounds with High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Victrex Polymer Solutions, Conshohocken, Pa., has developed a series of enhanced Victrex PEEK compounds that incorporate high-modulus carbon fibers for a boost in strength and stiffness and weight-reduction potential.

PEEK Mesh for Filtration in Harsh Environments
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dexmet Corp., Wallingford, Conn., a manufacturer of precision expanded metals, foils, and polymers has added Aptiv film to its PolyGrid portfolio, which is made of Victrex PEEK from Victrex USA, West Conshohocken, Pa.

New Plants for Engineering Resins
Two suppliers recently announced plans to increase capacity.

Victrex 90 PEEK for medical pipettes

High-Flow PEEK Makes Small, Intricate Pipette Tips
WEB EXCLUSIVE: An unfilled grade of Victrex 90 Series high-flow PEEK from Victrex USA was used to mold small medical pipette tips.

Four Key Markets Drive Material Advances At K 2010
Last fall’s K 2010 fair in Germany drew dozens of materials suppliers to show off hundreds of new products, aimed especially at packaging,medical, automotive, and electrical/electronics.

Product Categories of Victrex USA Inc.

Polyetheretheketone (PEEK), Polyetherketone (PEK) and Other Polyketones