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Weigh Belt Enhancements – Photo – AutoTare Art – Transport Lag Art – Belt Slip ArtThe basic weigh belt operating principle requires that special enhancements to its control scheme be made if it is to be successfully applied in practice.

Specifying a System

(Download this article for off-line reading)Unheralded as it may be, specwriting is the foundation of a successful feeding system.

Feeders and Quality Assurance – Recipe Effect Art – ABC Example Art(Download this article for off-line reading)Much of the mountain of plastic products available in today’s global marketplace could not be manufactured, produced or formulated without the involve¬ment of continuous processing techniques.

Problem Prevention – Photo – Service Life Cycle Art(Download this article for off-line reading)Problem prevention is the first line of maintenance defense, and repairs are the rear line reinforcements.

The Anatomy of Feeder Performance – Photo/Graphic TBDAs a major contributor to formulation quality and consistency, feeder performance rightly deserves close attention and concern.

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Feeding Solutions


Feeding Solutions

Learn about various types of continuous feeders, key aspects of operation and performance, how feeders work together to produce precise formulations, and how to specify and select a feeder for your applications. Learn about various types of continuous feeders.


Feeding Fundamentals

How do feeders control the flow rate and what are the three main challenges all gravimetric feeders must meet? What's the difference between gravimetric and volumetric feeding, and continuous and b...

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Core Operating Principles

What are the principles underlying feeder operation, and what strategies are employed to achieve precise flow rate control and proportioning accuracy in plastics processing?

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Focus on Material Handling

A feeder's most basic mission is to handle the material and produce a uniform and consistent discharged stream. This section details various common solutions to achieving this fundamental requireme...

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Focus on Weighing

Key to gravimetric feeding, weight measurement provides the means to "close the loop" on feed rate control. This section details the unique challenges faced in precision weighing in ...

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Focus on Control

Most feeders operate as part of a larger system, interconnected to produce a coordinated formulation. This section introduces you to today's flexible, high-connectivity SmartConnexTM env...

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Equipment Profiles

Moving from principle to practice, this section profiles available feeding hardware solutions along with links to download detailed specs and associated information. For information on controls and...

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Performance Measurement

How is feeder performance measured? This section introduces you to the metrics of repeatability, linearity, and stability as applied to feeder performance. Also discusses considerations of process ...

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Feeding Economics

The real costs and savings of any capital expenditure can take many forms and are often difficult to discern at the outset. This section helps you identify the true costs and realistic savings oppo...

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