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PT Article ExxonMobil Developing Products, People
Meet Sarah Newby, an up-and-coming materials engineer who last summer completed an internship at the chemical and polymer giant. More (+)
MATERIALS: Novel PE Resins for Super Tough Film Applications
ExxonMobl's new Exceed XP boasts unprecedented performance and processability. More (+)


Resin Prices Up, Except for PP

In a reversal of recent trends, PP prices may head down while prices of the other three large-volume commodity resins head up.

World’s First Aseptic Carton Bottle for Enriched Dairy Products

Nova Chemicals and Tetra Pak collaboration has led to recent commercialization of novel package.

MATERIALS: High-Performance LLDPE for Heavy-Duty Sacks

Nova's new octene copolymer LLDPE's distinct molecular architecture delivers a previously unavailable mix of properties.

Compression Molder R3 Composites Launches Non-Wovens Business for Composites

The new subsidiary will target a broad range of thermoset and thermoplastic composite applications.

Resin Prices Drop Again—Except for PP

First quarter saw further price erosion, even for high-volume engineering resins, but PP was the exception.

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A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin. Common polyolefins include all types of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyolefins are typical used in film structures or food and industrial packaging.

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