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PT Article Petoskey Plastics Assists With Flint Water-Bottle Recycling Efforts
Petoskey has donated recycling bags to help recover used water bottles. More (+)
PT Article Starlinger Unveils New RecoSTAR Dynamic 215
The first recoSTAR dynamic 215 recycling line will be supplied to a customer in Spain, where it will be used for reprocessing post-consumer EPS packaging waste. More (+)


Erema to Launch Recycling 4.0 at K 2016

The recycling machine manufacturer will also recycle plastic waste on site at the K show.

APR: Plastic Cans With Metal Lids Contaminate Recycling

Recycling association says new container design can lead to significant issues in the plastics recycling stream.

IBM Researchers Discover a New Way to Recycle PC

IBM says it has discovered a new process to turn old smartphones into medical-grade plastic.

Connecticut Joins Film Recycling Initiative

A major focus of the new partnership will be to increase voluntary participation in the recycling of plastic bags, wraps and other film packaging at supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail locations.

PP Recycling Provides New Life for Keurig K-Cups

Premium coffee maker to shift from multi-layer pods to single-layer polypropylene later this year as demand for recycled PP soars.

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Recycling is a broad term that most associate with post-consumer scrap. Recyclers collect bags, bottles and a wide variety of other end products, which are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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