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PT Article SPI Helps UMass Lowell Secure Equipment For Recycling Lab
Donations enable the university to offer education in plastics recycling. More (+)
PT Article What’s Your Company Worth?
Most processors might not really know. Here, an expert offers her insights at a time when M&A activity is growing. More (+)


TerraCycle Wants To Fix The K-Cups Recycling Problem

The company has developed a Zero Waste Box that can recycle any pre-packaged beverage capsules.

Phoenix Technologies invests $18 million to add new wash line

The proprietary new wash line is expected to be operational by the end of 2015.

NYC Hit With A Lawsuit Over EPS Ban

  A New York City ban on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging is set to go into effect July 1.

Milwaukee Grocery Chain Launches Plastic Bag Recycling Pilot Program

The results of the pilot program could be replicated at stores nationwide to help increase recycling rates.

Plastic Bag Bans: The Trend That Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?

On April 28, the European Parliament gave its final approval for the previously agreed legislation to reduce the use of single-use plastic carrier bags.

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Recycling is a broad term that most associate with post-consumer scrap. Recyclers collect bags, bottles and a wide variety of other end products, which are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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