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PT Article Rising Virgin Prices Bode Well for Recycled Resins
Recycled HDPE prices went up earlier in the year and are now subsiding. R-PET prices were low but have risen and may now stabilize. More (+)
Recycling’s Here to Stay, And We’re Ready to Report on It
Plastics Technology will increase coverage of this developing industry. More (+)


Can A Circular Economy Increase Plastics Recycling Rates?

The European Union (EU) has set a goal to recycle 60% of plastic packaging by 2025.

SPI's Paper on Compatibilizers Aims to Boost Plastics Recycling Profitability

The new paper on compatibilizers from SPI's Recycling Committee is a tool for increasing profitability of plastics recycling.

SPI: Time To Refocus Plastics Recycling Efforts

Only about 9% of plastic waste was recycled from the municipal solid waste stream in 2012, according to the latest figures available from the U.S.

New Tools to Evaluate Plastics-To-Fuel Potential for Communities

ACC and the Ocean Recovery Alliance announced the tools at the fourth annual Plasticity Forum held in Cascais, Portugal.

RSFgenius M Filtration Systems Up and Running In South America

The filtration system from Gneuss was first introduced at K 2013.

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Recycling is a broad term that most associate with post-consumer scrap. Recyclers collect bags, bottles and a wide variety of other end products, which are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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