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PT Article Techmer PM Partners to Apply DNA Tagging to Fibers, Plastics
Techmer PM sees potential for application of DNA tagging in film and injection-molded products. More (+)
PT Article Global Fiberglass Market Study Projects Continued Growth
M&M's research report takes a look at the fiberglass market by application, type, and geography. More (+)


iD Additives Enters Liquid Color & Additives Business

As a testament to "liquid color is alive and thriving", yet another new player enters the business.

ADDITIVES: Masterbatch Color Palettes Offer Random Color Effects

Ampacet's four new masterbatch color palettes offer nice opportunities for creativity for a wide range of PP consumer products.

Trexel Adds Chemical Foaming Agent to Its Product Line

Special additive offers economical microcellular foaming for low-volume jobs with PE, PP.

Techmer PM's New Partnership Applies DNA Tagging to Fibers; Plastics to Follow

Applied DNA Sciences and Techmer PM collaborate on applying the former's patented SigNature T DAN system to tag polymer-based fiber materials, and more.

The Power of Color in Brand Identity

In its custom plastics color development, Plastics Color Corp. pays attention to the psychology of color.

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Additives are materials that are added to the primary resin to improve the polymer’s processability or its performance or appearance in some way. They are used with virtually all polymers either at the compounding stage or during processing, when they may be dosed in via a blender. Some categories of additives include flame/smoke retardants, impact modifiers, process aids, colorants and clarifiers.

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