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Huber Broadens Halogen-Free FR Range
Huber adds Safire nitrogen and phosphorus-based additives from Belgium's Catena Additives. More (+)


DuPont’s Chemours Spin-Off Launched

DuPont spins off TiO2 and fluoropolymers.

Expect Graphene to Make its Mark in Multiple Markets

  There has been a lot of buzz about graphene in recent times and for good reason.  A material stronger and stiffer than carbon fiber, graphene is thought to have enormous commercial potential, but has been impractical to use on a large scale, with researchers limited to using small flakes of the material.

Sun Chemical Plans Major Capacity Expansion of Metallic Effect Pigments

Demand for metallic effect pigments for plastics in such applications as interior automotive is one key reason for Sun Chemical's plant to nearly double capacity.

O’Neil Color & Compounding Expands Its New Jersey Facilities

This is the first phase of a company-wide plan to improve capabilities and expand capacity.

DuPont's Spin-Off Chemours Launched

As planned a year ago, DuPont has spun off its Performance Chemicals segment into the newly launched Chemours.

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Additives are materials that are added to the primary resin to improve the polymer’s processability or its performance or appearance in some way. They are used with virtually all polymers either at the compounding stage or during processing, when they may be dosed in via a blender. Some categories of additives include flame/smoke retardants, impact modifiers, process aids, colorants and clarifiers.

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