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PT Article Victrex Acquires Kleiss Gears to Bolster PEEK Gears Business
Victrex, West Conshohocken, Penn., has enhanced its ability to provide complete ‘integrated’ service through its acquisition of PEEK polymer gears specialist Kleiss Gears, Grantsburg, Wisc. More (+)
PT Article Expect Graphene to Make its Mark in Multiple Markets
  There has been a lot of buzz about graphene in recent times and for good reason.  A material stronger and stiffer than carbon fiber, graphene is thought to have enormous commercial potential, but has been impractical to use on a large scale, with researchers limited to using small flakes of the material. More (+)


Local Motors Plans To Launch Highway-Ready 3D-Printed Cars in 2016

The design for the first road-ready 3D-printed car.

Will Rise of Benzene Prices Impact Those of Nylons, ABS & PC as They Have PS?

Rising benzene prices have already impacted prices of PS and nylon 6 appears to be next.

Sun Chemical Plans Major Capacity Expansion of Metallic Effect Pigments

Demand for metallic effect pigments for plastics in such applications as interior automotive is one key reason for Sun Chemical's plant to nearly double capacity.

Motorola Thermoplastic Composite Smartphone Covers Get Award


DuPont's Spin-Off Chemours Launched

As planned a year ago, DuPont has spun off its Performance Chemicals segment into the newly launched Chemours.

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Automotive continues to be a key end market for plastics processors of all types for under-the-hood, body and interior applications. OEMs have turned to plastics to cut vehicle weight while also reducing cost and improving safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. These trends are likely to continue in the future, and this zone is aimed at keeping you up to date on the materials, equipment and processing best practices you’ll need to compete.

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