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ADDITIVES: High-Performance Plasticizer Alternative for Flexible PVC
PolyOne's Synplast relies on plentiful linear 9 alcohol to match the performance of the industry workhorse. More (+)
MATERIALS: Radici & Rochling Develop Heat-Resistant Blow-Molding-Grade Nylon
The new nylon compound can withstand continuous exposure to hot air at up to 446 F. More (+)


NAFTA, Plastics & President Trump

The build-up and hype around the election of a U.S. president is ultimately a bit anticlimactic given the yawning gap between the confetti and balloons of election night and the hand-on-the-Bible of an inauguration.

Automation Cuts Production Time For LED Lighting Units by 89%

Robot-assisted overmolding helps Swiss company compete with low-wage countries.

October’s Index—50.1

Mid-size plants drive growth among processors.

No Hard Coating Needed

Now There’s an Additive That Improves Scratch/Mar Resistance in Molded & Extruded Parts

Ryton PPS Used in Polimotor 2 Engine's Water Pump

Solvay's PPS compound helps cool the all-plastic engine.

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Automotive continues to be a key end market for plastics processors of all types for under-the-hood, body and interior applications. OEMs have turned to plastics to cut vehicle weight while also reducing cost and improving safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. These trends are likely to continue in the future, and this zone is aimed at keeping you up to date on the materials, equipment and processing best practices you’ll need to compete.

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