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Basic Training Courses

Basic Training Courses

Dry Air Purging


Basic Injection Molding Machine Operations – 2 Lessons, 4 hours of training

Basic Injection Molding Machine Operations is a two lesson program designed for use by entry-level injection molding personnel, new employees, and for employment screening. The emphasis is on safety, efficiency, and teamwork. Available in English, Spanish, Mandarin.


Practical Injection Molding - Basic with SkillBuilder Lab Lessons
The Basic Injection Molding with SkillBuilder course is a 5 lesson program with 15 SkillBuilder injection molding machine simulator lab lessons. This is over 20 hours of training. This hands-on, interactive package is recommended for machine operators, material handlers, set-up personnel and production supervisors. The Basic module focuses on the fundamentals of injection molding technology, including basic knowledge that all personnel involved in the molding process must understand to make informed decisions on the production floor. Available in English, Spanish, Mandarin.

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