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K 2016 Preview: Materials & Additives
Driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability. More (+)
PT Article Novel Catalyst For Cheaper Biodegradable Plastics
IBM Research and Stanford chemists come up with new chemical approaches to generate biodegradable plastics. More (+)

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Key Composting Standard to be Revised

ASTM is updating standard as more and more products become certified as compostable.

Car Parts Made From Agave?

Ford and Jose Cuervo explore development of sustainable bioplastic.

Bioplastics In Full Bloom: 30% Growth Rate Forecast

A leading market research provider sees a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% for the global bioplastics market.

Bioplastic Adds ‘Charm’ to NYC Clean-Up Effort

Green Dot bio-materials used to make charm bracelets for Comcast employees for Global Citizen festival.

Next-Generation Biodegradable Plastics Being Developed

France’s Carbios expands its patent portfolio on controlled lifetime biodegradation of plastics.

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Biopolymers & Renewable Materials


These are a class of materials that are generated from renewable natural sources, are often biodegradable, sometimes compostable and not toxic to produce. They can be produced by biological systems such as plants, or chemically synthesized from sugars or starch.

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