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PT Article Economical, Direct Route to Making PLA Soon to be Employed
Belgian university researchers have sold their patented speedier process to make PLA to a chemical company for industrial production. More (+)
Betting on Biopolymers
A new injection molding business is focused 100% on compostable, plant-based polymers. More (+)

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MHG Now Largest PHA Supplier With Commercial- Scale Fermenter

Up to 60 million lb capacity now available.

MATERIALS: Partially Biobased PP Compound for Injection Molding

What appears to be the first commercially available partially biobased PP compound is newly available from FKuR.

Sheet Extruder Bixby & Bioplastics Firm Green Dot Bolster R&D Partnership

  It may be safe to say by now that we can expect to see more and more ‘collaborations’ between plastics processors of a wide range of consumer goods and suppliers of bioplastics as they look for more sustainable options for their products.

Ingeo Biopolymer Tops 'Smallest Carbon Footprint' List Among Commonly Used Plastics

  NatureWorks' online calculator offers brand owners and researchers a tool for comparing GHG emissions and the non-renewable energy use of products made from different plastics.

Coca-Cola Debuts First 100% Biobased PET Bottle

A prototype that's still five years away from full commercialization.

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Biopolymers & Renewable Materials


These are a class of materials that are generated from renewable natural sources, are often biodegradable, sometimes compostable and not toxic to produce. They can be produced by biological systems such as plants, or chemically synthesized from sugars or starch.

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