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ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: 3D PLA Filaments Are Reinforced With Natural Fibers
FKuR and Helian Polymers have developed PLA filmaments reinforced with natural fibers for FDM. More (+)
TESTING: Hand-Durometer For Creep Measurement Has Reset Mechanism
A reportedly unique reset mechanism makes a new hand durometer for creep measurement easy to use for the long term. More (+)

MOST RECENT CONTENT: Biopolymers & Renewable Materials

Fine-Particle-Sized Cellulosics Key To Patented Bio-Plastic Compounds

Through a Japanese/U.S. joint venture, a new range of customized bio-plastic compounds are now available in North America.

ADDITIVES: Novel Crosslinker For Broad Range Of Plastics

Nexam Chemical launches multifunctional additive for virgin and recycled commodity and engineering resins and composites.

'Green' Alternative To EPS Underway At Findland's VTT Tech Research Center

Partners in processing sought by Findland's VTT research center to further development of a PLA-based alternative to EPS packaging and insulation.

Get Ready for the Extrusion '15 Conference

Two-day event slated for Nov. 2-3 in Charlotte.

PLA Supplier Gets Grant To Explore Biomethane As Feedstock

NatureWorks and Calysta receive DOE grant aimed at ongoing program to develop Ingeo PLA feedstock diversification.

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Biopolymers & Renewable Materials


These are a class of materials that are generated from renewable natural sources, are often biodegradable, sometimes compostable and not toxic to produce. They can be produced by biological systems such as plants, or chemically synthesized from sugars or starch.

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