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BLOW MOLDING: Injection-Blow Molding 96 Cavities!
All-electric injection machine is modified to boost output cabability of injection-blow process. More (+)
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Food Packaging Should Remain Strong

But industrial markets could slip.

May’s Index: 52.1

Large and mid-sized processors doing particularly well.

Blow Molding Challenges Embraced at Metro Mold

“Others mold difficult parts. We mold the impossible.”

North American Plastics Machinery Shipments On the Rise in the First Quarter

Shipments of primary plastics equipment in the first quarter were up 13.5% from the year-ago quarter.

Top DuPont Award Goes to Hot-Fill Blow Molded PET Container

Graham Packaging’s technology manipulates PET’s morphology to create a container with properties that surpass standard PET.

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Blow Molding


In blow molding, material is melted then formed to create a hollow part. There are various types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding; injection blow molding; and stretch blow molding. Blow molded products can be broadly classified into packaging (such as soda bottles) or industrial (like fuel tanks).

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» Purging Compound

Sooner or later you will need to purge your machine. Which material should you use to purge your screw and barrel?

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