PT ZONE: Blow Molding

Large & Medium-Sized Plants Expand
Smaller operations might be struggling, but the heart of the industry is growing. More (+)
Plastics Pioneers Association Adds Three to Membership Roster
Bruner, Goldsberry and Shoemaker added to ranks of group. More (+)


Why & When Should You Re-Crystallize PET Scrap?

Whether you’re blow molding PET bottles or extruding APET sheet, you’ll produce amorphous scrap in the process. How you handle it will impact your production costs. Re-crystallizing it will help.

Breaking the Downward Slide?

Processing market seems to have stabilized.

Davis-Standard Opens New Plant To Build Blow Molding Machines

D-S moves accumulator-head machine building to Fulton, N.Y.

Speed to Market: Pretium Stays Light on Its Feet And Ahead of the Pack

A visit to its largest PET plant illustrates how this versatile blow molder leverages design skills, a can-do attitude, and a high degree of production flexibility to supply custom products in ever-shorter time windows. A new thrust into automation will help pick up the pace.

Graham Engineering Relocates Rhode Island Operations To Pennsylvania

Ashaway plant relocating to York, Penn. to accommodate ongoing growth.

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Blow Molding


In blow molding, material is melted then formed to create a hollow part. There are various types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding; injection blow molding; and stretch blow molding. Blow molded products can be broadly classified into packaging (such as soda bottles) or industrial (like fuel tanks).

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» Purging Compound

Sooner or later you will need to purge your machine. Which material should you use to purge your screw and barrel?

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