PT ZONE: Blow Molding

PT Article At NPE: Blow Mold 10,000-Liter Tanks
Need a shot weighing 726 lb? More (+)
PT Article At NPE: New Blow Molders from Italy
Tiebarless suction blow molding and an all-electric shuttle machine. More (+)


At NPE: Versatile Wheel & Reciprocating Blow Molders

An economical machine for 10-20 million bottles/yr.

At NPE: Rotary Stretch-Blow Machine from China

A fifth-generation PET machine.

Screw, Barrel Innovator Paul Colby Dies

Entrepreneur who built Spirex into a leading producer of screws and barrels was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 2009.

BLOW MOLDING: Blow Molding Controls at NPE2015

Extrusion control and total machine controls.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Spotlight on Energy Savings, Lightweighting & Greater Flexibility

New machines are mostly all-electric, hybrid, or servo-hydraulic.

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Blow Molding


In blow molding, material is melted then formed to create a hollow part. There are various types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding; injection blow molding; and stretch blow molding. Blow molded products can be broadly classified into packaging (such as soda bottles) or industrial (like fuel tanks).

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» Purging Compound

Sooner or later you will need to purge your machine. Which material should you use to purge your screw and barrel?

Product Announcements

BLOW MOLDING: Blow Molding Controls at NPE2015
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COMPONENTS: New-Generation, Low- Shear Mixer
Reiloy Westland Corporation 2/6/2015
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SIPA North America, Inc. 12/29/2014
BLOW MOLDING: Temperature Probe for PET Preforms
Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) 10/27/2014
INJECTION MOLDING/BLOW MOLDING/EXTRUSION: Plastics Spotlight Shines on Taiwan This September
Fortune International Inc., Injection Molding Div. 7/21/2014

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