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Published: 1/28/2015

MATERIALS: Fine-Ground Cellulosic Filler Used in Renewable Compounds
Microscopic cellulose particles enhance properties and renewable content.

Published: 1/6/2015

TESTING: Advanced Video Extensometer Meets Rigorous Test Standards
Instron will debut its new advanced video extensometer for strain measurement at NPE 2015.

Published: 12/8/2014

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: 3D Print PLA with Natural Fibers
FKuR and Helian Polymers have developed PLA filmaments reinforced with natural fibers for FDM.

Published: 12/5/2014

TESTING/MEASURING: Handheld Durometer for Creep Measurement
A reportedly unique reset mechanism makes a new hand durometer for creep measurement easy to use for the long term.

Published: 12/4/2014

ADDITIVES: Novel Crosslinker For Broad Range Of Plastics
Nexam Chemical launches multifunctional additive for virgin and recycled commodity and engineering resins and composites.

Published: 9/23/2014

MATERIALS: Flexible PVC with Biobased Plasticizer
Compounds are said to have the same feel, flexibility, and ease of processing as conventional vinyls.

Published: 6/6/2014

MATERIALS: Flexible PVC Compounds For Indoor Construction With Low VOCs
Teknor's new flexible PVC compounds boast up to 90% lower emission of VOCs.

Published: 8/30/2013

MATERIALS: Biobased Nylon 410 for Window Insulating Profiles
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new EcopaXX nylon 410 grade launched by DSM Engineering Plastics offers both manufacturing and environmental benefits in insulating profiles for aluminum windows.

Published: 7/31/2013

MATERIALS: Renewable Polymer from Agricultural Waste
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Enso Plastics has introduced a renewable starch-based thermoplastic derived from potato farming waste. It can be used alone or blended with PP or PE.

Published: 5/28/2013

MATERIALS: Adhesive Tie-Layer Resins with Over 95% Renewable Content
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new grades of Polybond functionalized polymers used as tie layers in multilayer thermoplastics applications such as pipe have been launched by Addivant, Middlebury, Conn., a new company formed from the Antioxidant and UV Stabilize...