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Published: 2/22/2016

Solving Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding
Here’s a quick guide to resolving four nettlesome problems in processing PET bottles.

Published: 2/22/2016

January 2016—46.5
Index reaches its highest level since last August.

Published: 2/8/2016

Amcor Launches New Business For Small-Volume Bottle Production
Full-service design and production available with economical lower-cavitation tooling.

Published: 2/1/2016

SPI Launches Zero Net-Waste Program
New initiative to promote pursuit of zero-waste in plastics processing.

Published: 1/29/2016

Try a ‘Complete’ Method to Clean Screws, Barrels
Pulling the screw will give you direct access to clean all surfaces. Here’s how to do so in an efficient, safe, and non-destructive way.

Published: 1/21/2016

Add Some Science To Your Purging Practices
Applying scientific methodology to purging techniques is safer and more beneficial than operating ‘on-the-fly’ or using home-made remedies.

Published: 1/20/2016

U.S.-Made High-Melt-Strength PP Tackles Wide Range of Applications
Total’s new HMS-PP signals both increased interest in the material and a source of domestic production.

Published: 1/7/2016

Bekum America Corp. Announces Promotions
Steven London is named president and Chief Operating Officer.

Published: 12/23/2015

Milacron Launching E-Shop
Get all your Milacron replacement parts from one website.

Published: 12/22/2015

New Name in Blow Molding Machinery Promises Advantages for Dairy Bottles
Reciprocating-screw machines and impact trimmers get energy-saving electric drive and quick-change features.