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Published: 1/9/2017

COMPOUNDING: Redesigned Line For Cable Compounds
System is capable of handling throughputs of up to 3306 lb/hr.

Published: 1/9/2017

MIXING/BLENDING: Ribbon Blenders For Precision Applications
Used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms

Published: 12/15/2016

COMPOUNDING: Redesigned Line For Cable Compounds
Machine is for processing highly filled or crosslinkable halogen-free flame retardant cable compounds.

Published: 11/8/2016

COMPOUNDING: Extruder Series Takes Aim At Shear
Elements designed to minimize particle damage for compounding special-effect pigments.

Published: 9/21/2016

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Low-Noise, Low-Maintenance Pumps
Contact-free operation means no wearing parts.

Published: 9/8/2016

COMPOUNDING: News in Extruders, Pelletizers, Conveying Elbows, FFS Packaging
Coperion to offer a wide range of new products at K 2016.

Published: 9/7/2016

EXTRUSION: New Extruders, Filtration System
New lab line, conical twin, and continuous filter to highlight MAS display.

Published: 8/15/2016

COMPOUNDING: ‘Synergies’ Unleash Flexible Underwater Pelletizing Systems
One-stop solution offered for compounders.

Published: 7/9/2016

COMPOUNDING: Vacuum Stuffer/Side Feeder Combination Unit
Designed specifically for Entek's QC3 line of corotating twins.

Published: 6/8/2016

COMPOUNDING: Software Helps Configure Twin-Screw Extruders
Users can chose from library of about 2000 screw and barrel housing elements.

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