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Published: 9/28/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Efficient Motors, Drives for Injection Presses at NPE
News in hydraulics, servos, and servo-hydraulics.

Published: 9/25/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Sneak Peek at Fakuma News
News in LSR, micromolding, IML, medical technology, and more.

Published: 7/23/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Engel Unveils Robots, Software at Austrian Open House
Six-axis giants for presses up to 5500 tons, and new in-cycle holding-pressure control.

Published: 7/6/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Engel Launches New Version Of IQ Weight Control Software
iQ weight control is available for all Engel machines with electric injection units.

Published: 3/31/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Coinjection, LSR/TP Overmolding & New Two-Platen Presses at NPE
Milacron pulled out the stops at the largest booth in the show.

Published: 3/31/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Faster, More Compact Electric Press
Also two new hydraulic presses from Taiwan.

Published: 2/24/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Multi-Shot In-Mold Assembly Featured at NPE Molding Demo
Three-shot molding produces a hollow auto engine part.

Published: 2/24/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: The New HPM Launches Electric & Two-Platen Machines
A venerable brand is renewed under Chinese ownership.

Published: 1/28/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Multilayer Barrier System To Debut at NPE
Three-layer coinjection system for PET preforms saves on expensive barrier material.

Published: 1/27/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: New High-Speed Hybrid Machine And Novel Robot at NPE
Look for everything from automotive hybrid composites to medical in-mold assembly.