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Published: 8/22/2017

Injection Molding: Two-Layer Light-Barrier Preforms For PET Milk Bottles
White PET preforms with black inner layer block out light while saving on expensive pigment.

Published: 8/21/2017

Injection Molding: High-Speed Electric Machines at Fakuma Show
All-electric presses for packaging and thin-wall products now commercially available—in two sizes.

Published: 8/21/2017

Injection Molding: New Injection Molding Certificate Program for Process Engineers & Technicians
Seven-week training program focuses on process technicians and engineers responsible for injection molding operations.

Published: 8/21/2017

Injection Molding: New Servo-Driven LSR Systems For Standard & Micro Molding
Servo drive adds accuracy and repeatability to standard and micro molding.

Published: 8/17/2017

Injection Molding: All-Electrics Range Adds Four Higher Tonnages
All-electric injection molding machines with an integrated hydraulic system now extend up to 1551 tons clamp force.

Published: 8/8/2017

Injection Molding: New-Generation Hybrid Press And Other News at Fakuma Show
Arburg to show a 500-ton press with the new look and Gestica controls. Also Industry 4.0 demo and new materials for Freeformer 3D printer.

Published: 7/27/2017

New All-Electric Injection Molding Machines Add Speed, Take Larger Molds
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co.

Published: 7/27/2017

Hybrid Two-Platen and Vertical Electric Injection Molding Machines Debut
Several new machine developments were unveiled at an open house last month at Niigata Machine Techno Co.

Published: 6/18/2017

INJECTION MOLDING: Easy-to-Use Process Monitor Designed for Shop-Floor Technicians
Monitors machine parameters, performs automatic process audits, and instructs on how to get a process back into spec.

Published: 6/15/2017

INJECTION MOLDING: Small, Economical Robot
Designed for injection presses of 20 to 80 tons.